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Atheists DEMAND This Cross Be Removed – The Mayor’s Response is INCREDIBLE!

In Wilmore, Wisconsin, angry atheists are FURIOUS about a cross which had been on the city’s water tower for four decades.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent Mayor Harold Rainwater a letter demanding that the cross be removed and all photos of the tower taken off the city’s official website.

But the Mayor, who first thought the letter was a joke or spam, is refusing to back down. He is assuring everyone the cross will remain in place!

“It means a lot to us. It’s important to our town. There’s nothing that’s drawn our town together more than the possibility of losing this cross.”

On Sept. 29, lawyers with the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent Rainwater an email asking that the cross be removed from the water tower and that pictures of the water tower and cross be removed from Wilmore’s official website.

“It is unlawful for Wilmore to display a patently religious symbol such as a Christian cross on public property,” wrote Rebecca S. Markert, a staff attorney for the foundation. The group could not be reached for additional comment Sunday.

The email cites several federal court cases regarding the separation of church and state, adding that “a majority of federal courts has held displays of Latin crosses on public property to be an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.” […]

“I’m not going to reply to an email,” Rainwater said. “I’m not going to respond to a leftist, liberal foundation that wants to tell me in Wilmore what is appropriate.”

via Herald Ledger

Here is video of the courageous Mayor who is standing up for America’s Christian heritage. This is incredible!

In the era of Obama, religious liberty is under attack. This cross is of historical significance, and isn’t hurting anyone. It is simply a reflection of the beliefs of the community. No atheist should have the right to rip it down.

Do you support keeping the cross on the water tower? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.


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  • I am about as atheist as they get, and I am one to say no religious symbols on government buildings, schools, public property in general, etc. However.... In this case, I would see that cross up there, shrug it off, and say, "who cares"? I am a 'live and let live' type of atheist. I have no qualms with people who believe in deity 'x'. I don't like religion being forced on me or on kids. But this is pretty innocuous. It's not hurting anyone, and it's not forcing anyone to believe or accept. I say let it be.

  • I am an agnostic-atheist and I say BS to that group. This is nonsense. I live by (as far as possible) the golden rule and live and let live.
    This is a fringe group like Madelin Murray O'Hare was, a self proclaimed - I speak for all Atheists - no she and they don't speak for all of us. All I ever ask is that all religions stay out of schools, if only because oh the kids that come from different sects and some, kids being kids, will bully those that are different.

  • Congratulations to the mayor with the backbone that so many in politics DON'T HAVE. GOD Bless the USA, GOD bless our USA Flag, and GOD Bless our right to choose how we want to live our lives. The atheists will burn in hell and we the USA legal citizens will not shed a tear.

  • Tell the Freedom From Religion Foundation to start removing the mosques from our land & stick them back on their jihadist land. They can just stay out of the places that have crosses, or advise we Christians and we can make a bunch of crosses and shove them up the Freedom From Religion Foundations rear end. They might see the light and buy a

  • I must be confused the atheist want freedom from religion, hell they already have that and can
    worship or not as they choose. No one is forcing them to blamm their heads against the wall
    or towards meca or any place else towards any deity. They have the freedom to choose as they
    please. By that same token I have the right to choose my relegigon as I choose and they do
    not have the right to deny me this freedom. The Cross has been on the water tower long before
    they crawled out of the slime and will out last them as long as the Water Tower stands. So
    sit down, shut up and eat your piss soup in Hades.

  • Screw the Athiests! Way to go Mayor!! Those athiest can go to HELL! OOops, I guess they have already decided to do that, Huh?! :)

  • It is my duty and obligation to exercise my Unalienable rights, and if these atheist, offended reprobates try to deny me my Unalienable rights, then I am willing to give up my life, fortune and sacred honor in fighting to protect these rights. Lets get it on !

  • It is Freedom OF Religion not Freedom From Religion. If more people started fighting back, The Freedom from Religion group would be broke in no time

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