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As Soon As TRUMP Pulled Out Of GOP Debate, THIS Happened To Megyn Kelly!

Megyn Kelly

Conservatives on Twitter who support Trump are FURIOUS with Megyn Kelly. After businessman Donald Trump pulled out of tonight’s Fox News presidential debate, they went on Twitter to express their displeasure with Kelly’s bias.

And the language was rough!

According to Vocativ, after a study of 80,000 tweets directed at Megyn Kelly’s twitter account, we now know what type of hate she received.

The most common word was the “b” word (used 423 times. After that, the word “bimbo” was used 404 times.

Many other Tweeters wanted Megyn Kelly to give up journalism and return to her legal practice. And dozens said conservative hero Judge Jeanine Pirro should moderate tonight’s debate instead! WARNING: Strong language:

Megyn Kelly

Here are examples of Tweets directed at Megyn Kelly:

But others were quick to respond that – no matter how much Megyn Kelly is biased – she doesn’t deserve this type of disrespectful name-calling.

What do you think of these Tweets directed at Megyn Kelly? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.