As Left Viciously Attacks Rush Limbaugh, His Friend Elton John Proves That Politics Isn’t Everything

While conservatives mourn and the left celebrates the death of radio legend and conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, some are also recalling one of the most unusual friendships in show business: Rush’s relationship with Elton John.

While they usually disagreed politically, the rock legend and radio legend’s friendship was deepened when John performed at Limbaugh’s 2010 wedding to Kathryn Rogers in Palm Beach, Florida.

And it’s a good reminder of a time in America, and an attitude, that we don’t have to treat each other’s personal politics as an all-consuming, life-and-death struggle every moment of our lives.

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Rush Limbaugh’s Fiance Asked Elton John To Perform At Their Wedding

When People magazine interviewed John’s husband, David Furnish, at the time, he said that John told him “Life is about building bridges, not walls.”

According to People, John also said, “Maybe if I can make a great impression, people might change their perspectives on life.”

Limbaugh told the story on his radio program after his wedding of how he and Sir Elton John first met.

As Limbaugh recounts the story, he and John first crossed paths at a hotel in Hawaii. After Limbaugh was hospitalized later, John checked in, worried about Rush’s health. 

That’s when Limbaugh’s fiance wrote a letter to John asking if he would perform at their wedding. Rush said John did not hesitate.

John’s husband Furnish said that the future Limbaugh couple “were incredibly gracious and very welcoming and very sweet and very appreciative.”

Elton On Rush: ‘He Sends Me The Loveliest Emails’

After that, John was almost always positive about his friend Limbaugh, even if they disagreed politically. 

John told USA Today in 2012 that he did not believe some of what Limbaugh said about the LGBT community reflected the radio host’s personal beliefs

“He sends me the loveliest e-mails,” John told USA Today. “What I get from Rush privately and what I get from Rush publicly are two different things.”

“I’m just trying to break him down,” John added.

John seemed to believe that dialogue with those who disagree with you was the best way to open minds and hearts.

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RIP Rush Limbaugh

In 2014, the singer and piano player encouraged his fans to open up a dialogue with those they disagree with, during an interview with the New York Times.

John noted that this is exactly what he did with Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh left behind a legion of fans with his death this week.

Including one friend who also happens to be one of the greatest legends in the history of rock n’ roll.

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