Armed Grass-Roots Movement Protecting Military, No Thanks to Obama

Many of us know about the murder of five soldiers at the Marine recruitment facility in Chattanooga, TN. We may have even seen the no gun zone sticker on the window which is a policy implemented by our government. However, you may not be aware of the lack of response from Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama… but there’s a storm gathering and it’s epic!

Americans across the nation are stepping up to fill a void to protect our soldiers at home as it seems Obama and his minions have decided not to.


The Democrat party has continued to ignore the fact that guns in the hands of responsible Americans save lives, including our military for whom our government spends thousands to train every year. We have seen in the past few years on military installations, our American soldiers being unguarded and open to attacks as was recently made abundantly clear. However, rather than admit they were wrong and make the necessary changes to protect those who swore their lives to this country, Democrat leaders have remained steadfast in their anti-gun agenda.

According to TPNN, “armed citizens and militias around the country are starting to stand guard at military recruitment facilities around the United States.” This is not something these patriots have created an conspiracy over, this is the real deal. Obama won’t do anything to ensure the safety of our military men, women, and families, others have stepped up to once again compensate for Obama’s inadequacies.


Feeling it’s the right thing to do, armed Americans are providing a private security of sorts to military members that find themselves working in gun-free zones. Retired NY police officer Rob O’Donnell recently spoke to WNEP while standing guard outside a recruitment center in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“I’m not here to scare anyone or prove a point, it’s just a sense of security basically,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of people walk by and give me the thumbs up, you know, they don’t ask why I’m here, but they kind of know deep inside.”

Our United States military members deserve more respect than they’ve gotten and as you will see, people are doing something about it. Enough is enough, no more political games…..we’ve had enough!

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