CNN’s April Ryan sent out a bizarre tweet, containing a link to a bizarre conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is running a child-trafficking ring. It was reminiscent of the widely ridiculed “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that took off on Twitter in 2016 and made similar allegations regarding Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. That conspiracy got its name from the D.C. pizza shop the ring was alleged to have been located.

It wasn’t a conspiracy that was spread by any mainstream figures on the Right, but mainstream figures on the Left are willing to spread their equally insane equivalent, apparently.

Ryan initially tweeted out the following article from “The Root,” which poses the question “Is the administration involved in child sex trafficking or just white nationalism?” before encouraging readers to follow the author “down the rabbit hole” to see for themselves.

The “proof” for the conspiracy is about as nonsensical as you’d imagine. One of the pieces of evidence is the recent fake-news story that 1,475 migrant children recently went missing from the government’s custody, which The Root suspects were sex trafficked by the Trump administration. It’s a bit hard to imagine how they were sex trafficked when they never went missing in the first place, but since when has the truth ever been on a CNN analysts side? (RELATED: Liberals Lie That Feds Lost 1,500 Immigrant Children).

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham responded, igniting an argument between the two:

Ryan has only doubled down further on the insane conspiracy, playing the victim and calling her critics “bullies” in a series of tweets. She then used the newfound attention as an opportunity to plug her new book too.

Much like Joy Reid, who was caught lying about a number of homophobic blog posts that she wrote in her past, Ryan will probably face zero repercussions whatsoever for spreading this nonsense. The Left never seems to punish one of their own. (RELATED: LGBTQ Group Pulls Joy Reid’s Award Over Anti-Gay Blog Posts).

Should April Ryan be fired by CNN for peddling this conspiracy theory? Share your thoughts with us below!

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