AOC Wants White People to Know They’re Racist, Even If They Don’t Think They Are

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her boyfriend Riley Roberts made a rare couple’s appearance over the weekend to discuss ways in which white people can combat racism.

Roberts, you see, is an authority on combatting racism because he is dating AOC, a woman of color. At least, we’re guessing that’s the takeaway here.

Anyway, AOC’s boo provided some helpful tips in their Instagram video, particularly noting that white people may be racist and just don’t know it.

“It’s helpful and important to talk to other white people about racism, and I think a lot of people, they don’t want to be racist,” Roberts ponders. “They don’t think that they’re racist, but they also don’t know some of the things that they believe or say are and can be racist.”

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Must Be Taught Why They’re Wrong

If that’s the first time you’ve seen or heard AOC’s boyfriend, we’re guessing that video went exactly as you’d expect it to go; from the sheepish presentation to the white guilt, to the borderline valley girl voice, Roberts is exactly what you would imagine if told to conjure up an image of her boyfriend.

The dynamic duo of fighting racism proceeded to explain that Robert’s fellow white people need to be taught about their racism. Or, that they need guidance even if something doesn’t qualify as racist but might just be wrong in other people’s eyes.

“I think one of the effective ways is just to talk and kind of help teach them about why some of the things they believe or say or think are wrong,” he suggested. “Not necessarily racist, but that they are wrong and that will sort of, like, chip away and contribute to some development in this area.”

Ocasio-Cortez added that people need to “be open to learning about racist things that we may have said or done” where they won’t be judged harshly.

The pair made these claims without ever explaining who exactly is the arbiter of what is, or is not, racist.

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Everything Is Racist

AOC and her boyfriend will have a lot of teaching to do, since the New York socialist views everything through the prism of racism.

The Democrat recently called conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh, a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, a “virulent racist.”

When President Trump was in the midst of confrontation with Iran, she referred to the targeting of Iranian cultural sites by America as “an extension of white supremacy.”

And she has smeared successful business owners as modern-day slave owners whose employees are “literally dying” as a result of their greed.

As a group of Republican women told CNN this past summer, AOC’s squad has some inclusion issues.

“Why haven’t they befriended one of their white female congresswoman colleagues and let her join the group?” one of the women said of the ‘Squad.’ “They don’t like white people. C’mon, they’re racist.”

Somebody better sit AOC down and explain to her that she might not think her actions are racist, but they actually are.

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