If you’re using Facebook or any social media to make your political decisions you have much bigger problems.

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg struggled to explain his social media company’s new policy regarding fact-checking political ads when called out by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

A former bartender asks a billionaire questions that even she doesn’t understand and Zuckerberg can’t give a straight answer because he has no idea of what she is asking. You can’t make this up.

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No fact-checking has ever been done on political ads. Has she heard about TV or the First Amendment? Let me put it another way, is there anything or anyone she doesn’t want to control and censor? The media lies every day to fit that media companies agenda and business model, which is the same thing as false political advertising.

AOC: “Could I run ads targeting Republicans in primaries saying that they voted for the Green New Deal? If you’re not fact-checking political advertisements, I’m just trying to understand the bounds here, what’s fair game.”

Zuckerberg: “I don’t know the answer to that off the top of my head. I think probably. Do you see a potential problem here with a complete lack of fact checking on political advertisements?”

Well, Congresswoman, I think lying is bad, and I think if you were to run an ad that had a lie, that would be bad.” But he said it wasn’t Facebook’s role “to prevent your constituents or people in an election from seeing that you had lied.”

AOC: “So you won’t take down lies, or you will take down lies? I think that’s a pretty simple yes or no.”

Zuckerberg: “In a democracy, I believe that people should be able to see for themselves what politicians that they may or may not vote for are saying and judge their character for themselves”


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Mark, she’s just asking if she can still lie or not. It’s pretty straightforward. “Can I still run ads for the green deal or not,” is the question.

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Let’s be honest here, AOC doesn’t care about free speech. She’s looking to enforce speech censorship that will bar or edit political messages for anything that contradicts a Left-liberal doctrine. Anything that questions climate change, affirmative action, same-sex marriage, transgender “rights” would be deleted as “factually” incorrect. It’s an Orwellian attempt to use government to dictate to a private business a set of speech codes. If Zuckerberg says he wants free expression on Facebook, why should Congress question it?

If the media fact-checked everything before putting it out, there would be no “climate crisis” hysteria. Probably very few political ads either.

In short, AOC should just tell him what she wants; for Facebook to ban all Republican political ads. I know you can’t explicitly tell Zuckerberg that openly, but just slide him a note after the proceedings. Mark will gladly find a way to honor the request.

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