"I don't think he's necessarily convinced all women," she adds https://t.co/jVstG7wcVZ pic.twitter.com/L7MNbAEYIx

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) June 16, 2019

AOC Would Never Cut Trump This Slack

Here’s the entire transcript of the exchange provided via ABC News:

KARL: So Joe Biden appears to be the front-runner in virtually all the polls, do you think he has sufficiently answered the accusations from women who accused him of inappropriate touching?

Does he – in short, does he get it?

OCASIO CORTEZ: I think that’s something that he has to kind of show the electorate, I think that – I – you know, I think that it is an issue where there is a struggle, I’ll be completely honest.

I don’t think that he has – I don’t – I wouldn’t say that it is an incredibly severe – like I don’t think that voters think that he is necessarily guilty of sexual misconduct or anything like that.

But I do think that there may be some discomfort, especially seeing some clips this week and, you know, week before telling a 13 year old, telling her brothers to watch out for her, and I think there are some things with female voters that it’s just not quite locked down.

And I think that there’s – there’s some ways to go, but this is also a cultural evolution I think that we’re having as a country. So I don’t think it’s necessarily about being punitive in these ways.

But I do think like in all issues and with all demographics and in all electorates, it’s not about right and wrong sometimes, it’s just about whether feeling like someone gets it or not.

KARL: And – and you get the sense that he has not conveyed that yet, that he really gets it.

OCASIO CORTEZ: I don’t – I don’t think he’s necessarily convinced all women, but I also don’t think that he is, you know, people tend to interpret these situations as completely one way or another, you know, is he a bad person or is he a good person?

I don’t think it’s about that.

Would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez EVER cut President Donald Trump the same slack?

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