AOC Only House Democrat To Vote Against Funding American Businesses, Hospitals

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was the lone House Democrat to vote against a $484 billion aid package to help small businesses and hospitals Thursday.

The bill provides $310 billion in funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a small business rescue fund, $60 billion in economic disaster loans for businesses, and $75 billion in emergency relief for hospitals.

The House passed the bill by a 388-5 margin.

AOC’s Problem

In an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, Ocasio-Cortez argued that her ‘no’ vote was about avoiding “giving Republicans what they want.”

Because that should be a deciding factor as to whether or not you help American businesses and employees who are struggling during an economic crisis.

“McConnell is already talking about the deficit the moment we talk about getting people relief,” complained AOC. “That to me is a signal that Republicans are done.”

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AOC Is Not Done

Republicans signaling that they have to pull back the reins on these federal bailouts, of course, is not going to sit well with the New York Representative, who has made it quite clear that the government needs to start handing out cash to illegal immigrants too.

She had a meltdown on the House floor when the previous stimulus was being debated, arguing that illegals who pay taxes should have been considered for payments.

Ocasio-Cortez would also like to see rent payments halted in any subsequent legislation.

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She Loves Job Losses

While voting against providing relief to small businesses and workers, AOC has been very openly celebrating job losses in America because she knows the results will hurt President Trump.

Earlier this week, she advised workers to boycott their employers when the coronavirus crisis clears and businesses begin to open up.

“When we have this discussion about going back or reopening, I think a lot people should just say ‘no’- we’re not going back to that,” she suggested.

Also earlier this week, AOC tweeted and deleted a message celebrating the oil industry’s massive nosedive and subsequent loss of jobs it would entail.

“You absolutely love to see it,” wrote Ocasio-Cortez. “This along with record low interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet *cough*.”

Is there any Democrat out there willing to just help the American people because it’s the right thing to do, not only if it means pushing their radical agenda?

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