AOC Apparently Thinks Bloomberg Is Worse Than Trump

The Democrat civil war proceeds apace, as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told a radio show recently that she likely won’t back Democrat Mike Bloomberg if he gets the Democratic nomination.

“A lot of people don’t know Bloomberg. We’re here in New York City. We lived under his tenure as mayor,” she said. “We know exactly what he did. This is part of what he’s doing when he comes in, swoops in super late in the game with billions of dollars at his disposal and is able to kind of shower the airwaves with his cash.”

She sounds almost sane. But then she reverts to form.

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“We obviously have to beat Trump,” she told a show on Power 105.1 in NYC. “But if we beat Trump and go back to the same policies that we had before, a worse Trump is going to come. A Trump that’s more sophisticated, whose fascism is less obvious, is going to come and things could get even worse.”

Fascism. Sitting there trashing Trump in her $700 shoes, she is obviously suffering greatly under this “fascism.” The poor dumb toddler, she doesn’t know the first thing about ideas or history. So hearing lines about fascism from her is akin to hearing about Bach from a deaf mute.

She went on.

“This is what happened with Bloomberg. He was down with stop-and-frisk. He fought for it in the courts, the courts overturned it as unconstitutional. He still fought it, defended it after him being mayor and then … five minutes before he runs for president, he says, ‘Okay, maybe this wasn’t the right policy.’”

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Whoa. Again, she suddenly has attack of mental clarity. Because, you gotta admit, she nailed that one.

Bloomberg’s newfound leftism is only a product of this race for the presidency. His actual attitude can easily be noted by the look on his face at debates. His entire demeanor seems to be saying, “What am I doing here with these idiots?”

The answer? As a Democrat, he’s exactly where he deserves to be.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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