In what world can a young black woman be branded a misogynistic anti-black racist? In the world of progressive politics, of course.

Activist Antonia Okafor began her entrance into political activism on the Left. She had voted for Barack Obama twice, and taught a class on feminism in her spare time.

Things began changing for her worldview once she began asking basic questions about the liberal ideology she was expected to accept. For instance, how did it make sense to be pro-choice when “Isn’t it men who benefit most from consequence-free sex? Doesn’t that give them even more power over women?” asks Okafor. “And, of course, abortion certainly doesn’t empower the women it prevents from ever being born.”

After her school’s African American Studies Department called for a campus ban on firearms in any space with black students, Okafor began to wonder what the logic behind such a decision could possibly be. Were they implying that blacks can’t be trusted with guns – or that they shouldn’t be able to protect themselves? Either answer was unsettling – about as unsettling as those professors must feel today to learn that Okafar is a spokeswoman for the NRA.

She lost plenty of friends in the process of changing her political beliefs, and none provided counterarguments (aside from branding her a racist, sexist, misogynist). She saw firsthand how “tolerant” the tolerant left is, and that’s what led her to the right.

Watch her story:

Isn’t it good news that when you let people think for themselves, they come to our side?

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