Secret Service Opens Investigation Into Antifa Death Threats Against President Trump

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I often wonder what it’s like to be a Secret Service officer in charge of investigating threats to President Trump.

Surely, this wasn’t the job you signed up for. I’m sure when any young man or woman agreed to protect the President’s life, they thought they would be confronting crazies or political radicals on a not-so-steady basis.

That expectation, which has been relatively consistent with past presidents, went out the window with President Trump, who courts death threats on a nearly daily basis. Many of these threats are more pronounced than others, some even made against his family. Here, I’m thinking of the famous incident when comedian Kathy Griffin posed with a bloody, decapitated head of Trump (RELATED: “Comedian” Kathy Griffin Poses With Bloodied, Beheaded Head Of President Trump), or when actor Peter Fonda threatened the life of Barron Trump. (RELATED: Melania Trump’s Office Confirms Secret Service Was Notified About Threat to Barron.) Eric Trump even revealed recently that the whole Trump family has been the target of numerous death threat hoaxes. (RELATED: Eric Trump Reveals That Everyone In Trump Family Has Received ‘White Powder’ In Mail.)

Over the weekend, swarms of leftist protesters came to Washington, D.C. to protest a white supremacist rally held outside the White House. Hardly any supremacists showed to their rally (which shows the piddling influence the racist movement had in the first place) but throngs of violent liberals were in full force. And while there were many skirmished between liberal protesters and police, what was shocking were the many death threats caught on tape. Benny Johnson of the Daily Caller captured many of these unhinged and dangerous individuals. (RELATED: Antifa Thugs Threaten to Murder the President, Vow Violence Over and Over Again.)

Take a look:

Now it looks like Secret Service is aware of these threats and is investigating them accordingly. Johnson writes:

“The Secret Service tells The Daily Caller they are now “aware” of the threats and are “investigating” the progressive protesters.

“The Secret Service is aware of the incident,” a Secret Service spokesperson tells The Daily Caller, clarifying that they cannot further comment on “protective intelligence investigations” as a matter of policy.

Let’s hope these ne’er-do-wells are kept in check for the President’s safety!

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