Chart Shows What “Antifa” Has in Common With Nazis And Communists

“Antifa” have become the face of the violent resistance against the Donald Trump presidency, and while their name stands for “anti-fascist,” “fascists against fascism” may be more apt.

After all, they truly are what they claim to oppose. The intentions they claim to have don’t matter – their actions do. Once you realize that everyone to the political right of Joseph Stalin is designated a “Nazi” to the kooks in Antifa, you realize that nobody is safe. After all, they don’t seem to have trouble attacking anyone who isn’t part of their group.

In fact, let’s just see how different Antifa is from the so-called “Nazis” they fight…

H/T The Federalist Papers

For a perfect musical parody of the Antifa movement, watch Chris Ray Gun’s song “Punch a Nazi.” My favorite line of the whole song: “I may be Hitler but I’m still not Trump!”

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