Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton made a tremendous gaffe during an interview with Steve Harvey, attempting to use the Constitution in her argument for more gun-control legislation. Innocent mistake, or deliberate?

Via The Blaze:

“92 percent of the American people agree with what I have said and what you have talked about,” Clinton told host Steve Harvey. “And 85 percent of gun owners agree with that.”

“So we have to say to the gun lobby, ‘You know what, there is a Constitutional right for people to own guns, but there is also a Constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that enables us to have a safe country to protect our children from their senseless gun violence,’” she added.

The problem? “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is not a Constitutional right. In fact, that phrase can’t be found in the Constitution, but instead appears in the Declaration of Independence.

Watch her comments below …

President Obama and Vice-President Biden were asked for their reaction to Clinton’s comments:

Remarkably, host Steve Harvey responded to Clinton’s comments by saying “Absolutely,” while the rest of the mindless drones in the crowd cheered her on.

RNC spokesman James Hewitt pointed out the all-around irony in Clinton’s comments, saying “Yale Law School graduate Hillary Clinton who supports a judicial litmus test on abortion, just misquoted the constitution and in doing so, backed ‘a constitutional right to life.’”

He added, “Nice job Hillary!”

Here’s Clinton discussing her desire to take on the ‘gun lobby:’

Comment: Do you think Clinton and her Democrat colleagues ever truly take the Constitution into account when they discuss gun control? Share your thoughts below.

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