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Internet Hacker Group Anonymous Makes Big Announcement About Cruz. This Is Bad!


Hacker collective “Anonymous” has found its latest victim.

After previously vowing to “expose” Trump, the group of internet misfits has set its sight on Ted Cruz.

They are threatening to release damming information unless Cruz does THIS:

Via PoliticsForum:

Anonymous warns Ted Cruz that if he doesn’t drop out of the race, they will expose all of his indecencies, including his prostitute activities.

Anonymous even makes mention of Cruz’s “ulterior motives” that involve his wife, Heidi.

It’s unclear whether Anonymous still plans on exposing Cruz for his indecency since one of Cruz’s scandals has already been exposed, but since he didn’t end his campaign over the rumors, Anonymous may feel that he needs an extra push. In the end, Anonymous signs off with their usual warning: “We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

We broke the news about the Ted Cruz sex scandal. It was picked up by the Enquirer and the main stream media has given it interest.

Is it actually true? We can’t say for sure but it is curious that Anonymous claims to have this damning info and is willing to go public with it.

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Is Ted Cruz done for? Share your thoughts in the comments!