Ann Coulter Pays Touching Tribute To ‘Hilarious’ Rush Limbaugh – He Taught Us To ‘Forge Our Own Path’

Days after the conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh passed away at the age of 70 following a battle with lung cancer, Ann Coulter has spoken out to pay tribute to him.

Ann Coulter Honors Rush Limbaugh

“It was significant that he was so, so hilarious,” Coulter said of Rush Limbaugh in an interview with Breitbart News. “He created this new forum. It’s 1920s technology, but to have funny right-wingers having talk radio and taking calls — that sort of thing — it’s all from Rush, and that, besides Breitbart.com [is] pretty much the only way right-wingers can get news so professionally.”

“Rush was groundbreaking, as was [Matt] Drudge, and I, think, [Andrew] Breitbart. Many imitators, none his equal. … Rush and Drudge were about 70 percent of my social life for five or six years in the 2000s after Slander came out, and he was a really wonderful person,” she added. “Rush was absolutely one of a kind, and personally a very, very generous person.”

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Coulter Doubles Down

Coulter went on to say that Limbaugh showed how professional excellence can and should be achieved in line with one’s idiosyncrasies.

“When I was in college, 200 years ago, all these young conservatives would walk around in bowties, Botox, and imitate William F. Buckley, and the thing is, the next Buckley is never going to be the next Buckley. The next Buckley is Rush Limbaugh. The next Rush Limbaugh isn’t Rush Limbaugh, it’s Matt Drudge. … You have to be yourself and forge your own path,” she said.

“We used to have my birthday dinner at his house every year — Rush, Drudge, and me — and he would cook my favorite meal,” Coulter added. “One of the most exciting things for me — because I’m a Scot, and for Drudge because he doesn’t drink — was that you would never go to Rush’s house for dinner [where] he wouldn’t be opening some fancy $800 bottle of wine, probably the only wine Drudge ever liked.”

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“I remember the first time I heard him. Someone had told me about him. I was working at a law firm at the time. I was at home sick for a day,” she continued. ‘I tuned into his radio station, and I’m lying in bed sick, laughing out loud. I think it was the Teddy Kennedy song he was doing where he’s wowing the girl at Chappaquiddick.”

“He was so funny and seemingly fearless,” Coulter concluded.

This piece was written by James Samson on February 21, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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