Andrew Cuomo Personally Called And Threatened Bars and Restaurants For Not Social Distancing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo personally called bars and restaurants and threatened them with losing their liquor license if they fail to bow down to his social distancing edicts.

The hands-on power trip is a stunning move from a man who over the last couple of weeks made no such threats against rioters in the streets of New York who also failed to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The Democrat governor claimed the state had received upwards of 25,000 complaints, many involving restaurants and bars allegedly ignoring laws.

“I am warning today, in a nice way, the consequences of your actions,” Cuomo said. “I will not turn a blind eye to them.”

He also threatened to once again shut down businesses in areas caught ignoring rules, specifically singling out the Hamptons and Manhattan.

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Bullies Businesses

Cuomo told reporters that any bar or restaurant tattled on by social distancing police could be subject to punishment, such as losing their liquor license.

Startlingly, he confessed to calling up some of these businesses and issuing a personal threat.

The governor reportedly personally dialed up “a couple of bars and restaurants myself when I saw pictures of their situations … And I said to them, ‘You’re playing with your [liquor] license.'”

How many Black Lives Matter protesters, and rioting vandals do you think he called and threatened recently?

And can you imagine if President Trump had done something like this?

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How do we know Cuomo is a hypocrite on the social distancing rules?

Because, in Brooklyn on Sunday, thousands of protesters marched at a ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ event, and nobody from the Cuomo administration, least of all the governor himself, gave much of a rip.

Cuomo earlier today tweeted a tribute to his father, the late governor Mario Cuomo, which included a quote about the need to “take responsibility” during the crisis.

Especially rich considering he was the architect of a nursing home scandal that cost thousands of New Yorkers their lives, said nobody could be prosecuted for the scandal, and then blamed President Trump.

Rusty Weiss

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