You’ve heard the cliche before: a broken clock is right twice a day. That’s applicable even to fake news CNN, especially when host Anderson Cooper said last Friday that Trump’s push to destroy Obama’s legacy looks “surprisingly personal.”

“Never though have we seen a president so seemingly bent on reversing, negating, even obliterating his predecessor’s signature accomplishments,” Cooper told us – to which I immediately thought, “yeah – thank God.”

So let’s review: How has Trump undone the Obama legacy thus far? On the surface, Congress’ inability to repeal Obamacare certainly appears to contradict Cooper’s claims, but Trump has taken measures into his own hands since then. The Daily Caller has the rundown on health care:

  • Trump has rolled back funding for a program intended to help individuals navigate the ObamaCare insurance marketplace 90 percent, and signed an executive order to allow for groups to purchase insurance against state lines.
  • Trump has stopped federal funding for Obamacare subsidies last Thursday. Given that roughly half of the consumers who purchase health insurance through Obamacare qualify for such subsidies, this strikes a major blow to the sustainability of the program.
  • As a result to Trump’s cuts to Obamacare programs, the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that over 70 percent of regional programs and 55 percent of statewide navigators anticipate rolling back programs in rural areas because of the administration’s funding cuts. The overwhelming majority, or 89 percent, of navigators expect having to fire staff because of the cuts.

And that’s just health care, of course. He also refused to re-certify the Iran nuclear deal last week, putting the foot down on Iran and blasting them as a state sponsor of terror.

Among my favorite “accomplishments” of the Obama legacy, and one I hope Trump doesn’t end, was a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democrat seats, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.

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