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An INCREDIBLE Reason Why Blue Stripes Are Showing up Throughout America!


People have have been noticing these strips of paint on curbs appearing throughout America. The reason why will impress you.

In 2015 alone, there have been dozens of police officers murdered in the line of duty, and the list grows.

We have in the White House a President who doesn’t respect our police, and he’s been encouraging the Black Lives Matters movement to continue protesting the men and women in uniform who keep our communities safe.

One patriot in Texas named Anthony Welichko has started a movement to stand proudly with the police officers who risk their lives every day. He is encouraging citizens across America to display a small strip of blue paint on a curb in front of their┬áhouses as a show of support! The “Safe Harbor Project” is incredible, and has been shared 80,000 times!

As Anthony explained on Facebook:

To all law enforcement who see this line, know that the residents of this home appreciate your service and dedication to keeping the peace. Know that when you enter the neighborhood and see these lines that you are not alone or without “back-up”. We do not need the media to make our voices of support for our police and emergency services heard ( though it would be nice). Lastly, if you are in my neighborhood and mean to harm a member of law enforcement, know that decision may be hazardous to you health as someone has that officers back!

Our law enforcement officers aren’t wealthy, and there’s no way we can repay them for the risks they take. They always deserve our support and respect.

Our police deserve better than this:

Please share this great “blue” idea with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! All lives matter, including blue lives.