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The Amount Of Refugees Obama Is Planning To Import Is Staggering!


Europe is being over-run by Syrian refugees. While many countries have begun restricting and kicking them out, Obama seems content to let them flood in.

The number he is proposing bringing in is staggering and cause for concern.

Via The Hill:

The State Department is hoping to bring an average of nearly 1,500 Syrian refugees to the United States per month in order to meet President Obama’s target of settling 10,000 refugees in the country by September.

About 1,300 refugees have already been placed in the United States since Obama first made the commitment in September.

That’s far fewer than those taken in by European countries such as Germany, who has dealt with an unprecedented wave of migrants fleeing Syria’s civil war, as well as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Of course, these refugees probably won’t be properly screened. That could lead to an increase in crime in the areas Obama places them.

And how about the communities Obama is putting his refugees? Are they getting a say in all of this?

I doubt it.

Now Watch This. Perhaps The President was inspired by the pope?

Do you think we need to let any more refugees in? Share your thoughts.