Little Princess Shocks Major Talent Panel With EPIC Answer!

I have two daughters, age 13, who are trying to figure out what they want in life and what colleges they want to attend so believe me when I tell you watching this little girl in the video below already know what she wants is refreshing.

Little Miss Chloe Channel appeared on America’s Got Talent and not only blew away the judges with her answer on what she was going to do if she won a huge pot of money, but…as the name of show suggestions…she has TALENT!

She knows her stuff, and she’s focused. For some reason, I am seeing a lot of singing contracts in her future and so will you after you watch the video.

From Outdoor Hub:


Not only is this girl adorable, but she might just be the next big country music huntress; this girl can sing!

Check out the longer version of the video below, where Chloe confidently tells the judges she will shoot a big old buck one day. If she can hunt even half as good as she sings, there’s no doubt she’s going to bag some trophy bucks!

How did you like that? I haven’t heard the rest of the competition but let’s just say if she doesn’t win, country music will be knocking down her door in a few years to sign her up. This is called RAW talent and it can’t be taught.

This was a great video to share and I hope you do!

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