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‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s Text He Sent HOURS Before His Murder Is Chilling

American Sniper has sold almost $300,000,000 worth of tickets at the box office since its release, as America loves Chris Kyle and our Navy SEALS. Hollywood has discovered, with the help of director Clint Eastwood, that stories about brave men taking care of terrorists would be popular. And the movie has set off a firestorm of discussion across the country.

But one thing the movie doesn’t go into detail about is his murder, which took place in February 2013. The trial for his killer – Eddie Ray Routh, a veteran with a slew of mental problems – is underway now. And he also killed Chris’ friend Chad Littlefield.

Probably due to his training, Kyle developed instincts which led him to text Chad about Routh: “This dude is straight up nuts.” To see their discussion just hours before their deaths is eerie:

In the hours before they died, both men were worried about the stranger they were taking shooting, text messages will show.

“He’s sitting right behind me. Watch my six,” Littlefield replied in a return text to his buddy, using military parlance for “Watch my back.”

In the year before the tragedy, Routh had been drinking heavily and smoking marijuana, and was prone to fits of paranoia, violence and uncontrollable crying, the defense says.

During the last car ride of his life, the real-life sniper texted his friend and fellow veteran, Chad Littlefield, about Routh, the edgy ex-Marine in the back seat of their car — “This dude is straight up nuts.”

Kyle and Littlefield had taken the distraught Routh to the shooting range on Feb. 2, 2013, to help him through his post-traumatic stress, on the request of Routh’s worried mother.

via The New York Post

Routh and his attorneys are going to claim that he didn’t know what he was doing at the time, so his mental psychosis makes him innocent. That is hard to believe, and justice should be served. He murdered America’s toughest sniper, and took away a husband/father away from his family. A senseless end to the life of an American patriot.


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  • He knew what he was doing why would he go to his sisters and tell her he killed 2 men??
    Just maybe he was paid to do it!!! Think about it!!!!
    He wasn't in combat he never saw the war zone. I come from a family of Army men service men. So my uncle was hurt really bad had bad dreams all his life. My Dad was with him helped him hold his guts in to save his life. He never went out and killed anyone!!!!!!! Why was he able to havae a gun if he had this disorder PTSC, if that was the case he had no right having a gun at all and should have been tagged so he couldn't get a gun at all NONE he knew what he was doing. He wasn't in the war zone it shows that many times. I pray Chris wife has hard core Attorneies that won't let up on him in any way and I pray she fights to get the death pentalty if it is possible. God be with you Mrs Kyle and the Chris friend that was with him. Sad twp good men got killed why a scumbag still is alive.

  • Chris problably had no idea what he was like until to late. Geri haven't you find out something later instead of early enough to change the course u you went down? I sure have!!!!!!!
    Chris Lee, that's what I was saying who's to say he didn't get paid to kill Chris and the other guy was just there to help Chris??????? So he took them both out.

  • Can anyone confirm Routh had ever been in combat and seen anything that would have led to PTSD?

  • Some have questioned/wondered about taking this person to the shooting range.
    When was it known and or suspected that he was 'nuts'? Was it really suspected?

  • I'm a Marine Veteran who has been to and has seen combat. I have PTSD and it doesn't act like that when you are at a gun range. I go shooting a lot and not once have I freaked out and shot anyone. He wanted to kill Chris Kyle for god knows what reason. There's no punishment that can be given to him that would even come close to what he has done. In my opinion he deserves the death penalty and that's all there is to it. 2 men are dead trying to help out someone and he just wanted to kill them for no reason. Rest in peace Chris and Chad.

  • U.S. Forces have employed snipers "since forever." Chris Kyle was not America´s toughest sniper. He is perhaps America´s most disgraceful sniper.
    He is the first to bragg about how many foreigners he murdered in their homeland, and the first to write a somewhat fictitious,braggadocio book in which he insulted a fellow member of SEAL.
    It is saddening that Kyle was taken out by another USForces member. Kyles hits, especially on children and women in their homeland, have not raised the integrity of either USForces or Americans, outside the cult of Bush family worshipers.
    The box office sales of the movie reflect the dumbed-down consciences of a certain group of Americans. And some Americans wonder about American immorality? Think about the hundreds of snipers that preceded Chris Kyle, but who did not brag about their murders nor write a book based on lies.

  • n the year before the tragedy, Routh had been drinking heavily and smoking marijuana, and was prone to fits of paranoia, violence and uncontrollable crying, the defense says.

    The guy might be a schizophrenic.Its a damn shame what happened to Chris Kyle,he served four tours only to be killed on american soil by another person who was in the service,but mental illness does play a role in this.I'm not saying he should get off Scot free but I think the death penalty is out of the question.

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