‘America Was Never Great!’: Communist Group Burns American Flag As Trump Visits

Shelby Talcott on September 18, 2019

A self-described group of communists burned the American flag outside of a Los Angeles hotel Tuesday as the president was in the city.

Revolution Club Los Angeles tweeted out a video Wednesday of members burning the American flag and chanting “America was never great!” A clash broke out shortly after as a pro-Trump counter-protester tried to break into the circle, the New York Post reported.

The group wrote that they had a message for President Donald Trump: “Fuck you & the shithole system u rule over!” Trump was attending a fundraiser nearby hosted by Republican donor Geoffrey Palmer, the Post reported.


The “America was never great!” chant turned into “Humanity first!” as protesters burned the flag. Multiple other clashes occurred during the protest, CBS affiliate KCAL 9 reported. No one was arrested, according to KCAL, but Revolution Club Los Angeles claimed that a member “was illegitimately arrested.”

“That’s us who burned that rag cuz the Trump/Pence are fascists & the Democrats are war criminals & we need REVOLUTION!” the group tweeted along with a video from Tracey Leong, a Fox LA reporter. The video showed a member of the group getting handcuffed. The person was later released, according to Revolution Club Los Angeles.

“I was very disappointed in both sides. I took a neutral stance. I just stood there with my sign the whole time, but the burning of the flag really hurt,” Gregg Donovan, a Trump supporter, said according to KCAL 9.

Revolution Club Los Angeles describes itself as “guided by the New Communism forged by Bob Avakian.” He is the chair of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, the Post reported.

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