Ambassador Stevens Haunting Last Words In Benghazi

Testifying at the trial for Ahmed Abu Khattala, alleged mastermind behind the Benghazi terror attacks in 2012, Agent Scott Wickland revealed the haunting last words uttered by Ambassador Chris Stevens.

As militants stormed the diplomatic compound and smoke enveloped them that fateful night, Wickland tried his best to save the Ambassador and information officer Sean Smith by leading them to a bathroom with an open window.

The agent recounted Stevens last words to him as he came to accept his fate.

“When I die, you need to pick up my gun and keep fighting,” Stevens told him.


Those are 13 words that should forever haunt former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

Not only did the Obama State Department fail to provide adequate security for Ambassador Stevens leading up to the attack, but they failed to figuratively pick up his gun and keep fighting after the attack.

Kris Paronto, a former Army ranger and military contractor, and commando John Tiegen, both individuals who survived the Benghazi attack, have consistently refuted government claims that there was no ‘stand down’ order that day.

“That’s just silly,” he told Megyn Kelly.

Tiegen concurred, “Everything we testified to they agreed with us 100 percent. … But for some reason they don’t want to believe us that we were told to stand down.”

Multiple sources had previously confirmed that CIA operators in Benghazi asked for help three separate times and were denied those requests each time.

Smith’s mother, Pat Smith, said she believes there was a stand down order.

“I absolutely believe them,” she said in an interview after the movie “13 Hours” was released. “Who else am I supposed to believe? The people who didn’t tell me anything, like the State Department? I kept begging them to tell me what happened.”

Meanwhile, a shocking new report this past month indicated contractors charged with shoring up lax security in Benghazi were forced to keep quiet and toe the Obama Administration’s line on what happened in the following weeks.

“A U.S. ambassador is dead and nobody is held accountable for it. And three guys … all died trying to defend him,” said Jerry Torres, one of the security contractors.


In other words, nobody picked up a gun and fought against these terrorists either before or after Stevens’ death.

Stevens reaction in the face of certain death was incredibly courageous.

The Obama administration’s reaction in the face of political fallout on the handling of terrorism just before the 2012 election is nothing more than pure cowardice.

What do you think when you hear Chris Stevens last words? Share your thoughts below.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • The marines that were there testified that they were told to stand down and disobeyed to save the lives of who ever they could. Stevens called many times over for back up and help and received NO answer. Stevens was captured by those attacking the compound, drug through the streets , tortured, and killed. He did not die of smoke inhalation as reported. There is much to answer for but "What difference does it (the truth) make".. Sessions refuses to prosecute Hilary for anything. ..

  • Obama and Hillary Clinton should be hung in public so that we can throw stones and burn them as they hang by their necks. There is no love lost what so ever with these two evil POS! I pray some day soon they will both be held accountable and pay for their non actions, along with Hillary destroying evidence she was asked to turn over. They are both pure evil and do not care about anybody but themselves. M**ther F**kers need to pay the price. DRAIN THAT SWAMP! DRAIN THAT SWAMP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! HANG OBAMA! HANG OBAMA! BUBYE M.F.'s

  • You really misrepresented the story. There were two buildings in two locations, the consulate building and the CIA mission annex about a mile away. Ambassador Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and regional security officer Scott Wickland were together in the consulate building. During the first attack Smith died of smoke inhalation and Stevens was injured.

    When the security detail from the CIA Annex arrived they extracted every American in the consulate except they could not find the Ambassador. The whole group withdrew to the CIA Annex. Removing the dead and wounded to a safe location is not a "stand down" order.

    They requested help and a relief force was sent by chartered airplane from Tripoli.

    The following morning the CIA Annex came under attack. Two American security officers, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty went to the roof to survey the situation and were hit by mortar fire and died.

    The relief force arrived from the airport together with local militia and extracted all Americans at the consulate and annex from Benghazi.

    Learn what happened before you start pretending to be an armchair general.

  • Sad such a bright young man had to die without the help of his country! Hope Hillary's happy, now.

    • shshe will be when she gets elected pesident of hell by george satan soros!e will be when she get

  • Sad to hear those were Steven's last words. Ovomit & Killary will not be bothered at all by this, they friggin don't give a damn or they would have sent back up in the weeks leading up to the deaths since he had asked for itmote than once. Both of them are real POS's!

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