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Video of Amazon Experimental Delivery to Homeless People Goes Viral

I have to admit when I saw this video on YouTube, I was floored. I applaud the young man who thought up the idea, but I never thought it would work. I thought Amazon Prime would be only for addresses of apartment buildings, houses, and the workplace.

Never in my wildest dreams did I see this coming.

The video starts off as a YouTuber, Rob Bliss, discovered a technique to hijack Amazon Prime Now. He noticed a lot of homeless Americans in and around New York City and with the temperature being very cold the last week or so, he thought he would try a little experiment.

Bliss was focused like a laser to check Amazon Prime Now’s supply service to see if he may get orders to homeless individuals residing on the road.

Bliss walked by a number of homeless individuals and requested what they wanted. Utilizing the Prime Now app on his telephone, he was capable of have their requests delivered virtually immediately utilizing an outline of the particular person.

Watch this below:

Tis the season to start using Amazon Prime for the homeless. Can you imagine if more people saw this, they might decide to do the same thing and the results would be amazing.

The less fortunate always lose out during the holidays, and it’s about time we forsake the government promises and return to helping them out with no questions asked. This homeless man probably thought it was a prank or a joke.

Think about it like this. You have someone walk up to you and ask what your name is and what’s your shoe size or better yet, what do you need. This is followed by a package that includes those things you mentioned. That has to be a shock to the system.

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