Rep. Justin Amash said he “wouldn’t rule out” a run as a third-party presidential candidate.” For the time being, the Michigan lawmaker said he will run for reelection as an independent. He also feels “very confident” that he will win his seat again.

To quote attorney “My Cousin” Vinny Gambini in his retort to Judge Haller: “Now THERE’S a frigging surprise.”

So Amash is an independent now? If a Representative or Senator wants to change party’s they should have to resign their current position and then when that seat comes up for a vote again, campaign as an independent.

Amash has been criticizing Trump for more than a year now and just a few short weeks ago, he left the Republican Party. I see this move as a way to stay in the news for another 15 minutes before being unemployed.

“I still wouldn’t rule anything like that out,” Amash said in an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union,” when asked whether he would seek the White House as an independent or a third-party candidate. “I have to use my skills, my public influence, where it serves the country best.”

A presidential run is “something people talk about all the time,” Amash told CNN’s Jake Tapper, but it’s “not something on my radar right now.” He added that he does not have a timeline for a decision.

Amash insisted there is room for a fierce Trump critic like himself to rise nationally, despite the president’s perceived tight grip over conservatives. He said some Republican officials and friends have been “sending me text messages, calling me” to offer encouragement after his decision last week to leave the party, and did the same when he called for Trump’s impeachment in May.

But, he acknowledged, “they’re not saying it publicly, and it’s problematic for our country and the Republican Party — and the Democratic Party — when they’re not allowed to speak out.” [WaPo]


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This guy was an unknown until he announced that he might be running for POTUS. Almost simultaneously, the anti-Trump stuff started coming out of his mouth. The MSM feeds on this kind of stuff, and I’m sure we’ll be reading about it for days, unlike when a Democrat switches to Republican and a page six paragraph.

Many Republicans are opposed to Trump because he favors the American worker. These Republicans receive most of their funding from larger corporations, who want cheap labor. Many of these corporations are willing to move operations to China to achieve this cheap labor goal. What all of them miss is that, without the buying power of the U.S., where will they sell these made-in-China goods? You destroy the U.S. worker; you destroy the main market for these goods.

There are already two Republicans primary him. The more that join favors greatly the incumbent. Amash will probably win now that there are one too many in the primary. Sucks, but that is the reality. Only ONE Republican should primary him for a chance to beat his name recognition alone.


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