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Terror As Family Discovers This BEAST Trying To Enter Their Home


Nature is frightening. I don’t trust it. I try to avoid it at all costs.

Mostly because of alligators. As discussed previously, alligators are the most frightening of all of God’s beasts.

It is one thing to encounter one out in nature.

And it is quite another to meet an alligator like this.
Via Island Packet:

It’s fairly common this time of the year to spot alligators strolling through neighborhoods and crawling on sidewalks in Lowcountry.

But typically, they don’t go to door steps, or ring doorbells.

Video footage captured by Gary Rogers shows an alligator crawling up the front door of a Moncks Corner, South Carolina home on Monday and reaching for a doorbell.

Rogers told ABC4 the alligator was going for a neighborhood stroll, looking for a way out when the video was captured.

“The gator was not aggressive at all,” Rogers told ABC4. “He was just kind of trying to find his way out. I mean he was caught between fences, in between a couple of houses. Had no place to go.”

No. No no no no no no. NO NO.

I would immediately move and torch my house for good measure.

Here’s video of the encounter.

Are alligators frightening? Share your thoughts!