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Allan Holdsworth, Influential Guitar Player, Has Died at 70

Allan Holdsword, an influential guitarist died on Sunday, according to a Facebook post (below) from his daughter Louise Holdsworth. He was 70 years old.

The famous guitarists influenced artists in jazz and prog-rock. As Guitar World reports:

Holdsworth, whose career began in the Seventies, worked with several influential jazz-fusion and progressive-rock bands, including Tempest and Soft Machine, before being brought to the attention of major label execs by Eddie Van Halen in the early Eighties.

Holdsworth released more than a dozen solo albums, many of which feature the SynthAxe, a rare fretted MIDI controller. Guitarists including Van Halen, Tom Morello and Frank Zappa cited him as an influence. Holdsworth also played in U.K., a British supergroup founded by King Crimson singer and bassist John Wetton and Yes drummer Bill Bruford, although he departed the band very early.
As several guitarists have noted over the decades, when Holdsworth played, it almost didn’t sound like a guitar. His speed and wide intervalic playing were something new—and then there was his incredible stretches and use of four-note-per-string fingerings to create unbelievable-sounding runs.

The family is still in shock and they are mourning the loss. This is tragic:

Let us pray for Holdsworth’s family during this difficult time. Rest in peace.