Alec Baldwin Asks Governor Cuomo To Release New York’s Prisoners

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Actor and outspoken leftist Alec Baldwin wants New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to release prisoners with less than a year left on their sentences to alleviate more potential infections during the coronavirus pandemic.

Baldwin also called for prisoners who are elderly, pregnant, or who have compromised immune systems to be released as well. The 30 Rock actor made a video Monday where he argued that such actions would “reduce the overall population of state jails and prisons.”

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Baldwin Wants Gov. Cuomo to Release Certain Prisoners Due to COVID-19

“This is an extremely difficult time for New York City, for our state and the entire world,” Baldwin said. “I wish everyone good health. That includes people in prisons, jails, and immigration detention, where social distancing and proper hygiene are simply not possible and countless people are at serious risk of illness and death.”


“This message is for Gov. Andrew Cuomo,” he added. “As this pandemic spreads, public health and safety, and basic moral decency demand that you use your authority to issue clemency to those most vulnerable in our state prisons & reduce the overall population.”

‘Releasing the elders, pregnant women and others who are immunocompromised…’

“Releasing the elders, pregnant women and others who are immunocompromised, as well as anyone with a year of their release dates would show great leadership and that’s what New York needs now,” Baldwin said.

More than 1,500 inmates have already been released in New York City due to the coronavirus pandemic and officials have reported that the number of people held in custody has dropped by more than 1,100 since mid-March.

Prison officials released a statement earlier this month that read, “The City is balancing concerns for public health with public safety and has sharpened its focus on health concerns as the emergency has evolved. We have prioritized the release of those over 50 years of age, and those with the underlying health conditions that put people at highest risk from COVID-19, including auto-immune, heart and lung diseases, diabetes, and cancer.”

Baldwin Recently Called Trump Supporters ‘Mentally Ill’

Baldwin – who is no fan of Donald Trump and that’s putting it mildly – recently said his supporters were “mentally ill” if they vote for him again for president.


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“Trump has reached for, and nearly gained, a control of the federal [government] unrivaled by other Presidents,” Baldwin tweeted. “He fired huge numbers of [government] professionals. He steamrolled the Congress, whenever possible. And now this.”

“If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill,” Baldwin wrote.

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