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Famous TV Dad Alan Thicke Died – Hillary Clinton Supporters’ Responses Are DISGUSTING!

Alan Thicke

Famous actor Alan Thicke, the father on Growing Pains, just made a cameo apperance on Season 2 on Netflix’s Fuller House.

Now, the beloved actor has died unexpectedly from a heart attack. While millions of Americans mourn the loss, a liberal actress who supports Hillary Clinton didn’t like what Thicke said about anti-Trump protestors.

As Thicke – a registered Democrat – said in a recent interview that the anti-Trump rallies are shameful:

Organizing against policies on immigration, climate change and a Muslim registry to possibly sway the president-elect is one thing, Thicke argued. “But just to march in the streets and clog up traffic on a freeway in L.A. so people can’t get home, to me that not only sends the wrong message of disorganization and anarchy, but it’s annoying, and you lose people, you lose your base,” he added.

In response, famous actress Lisa Edelstein Tweeted this immediately after learning of Thicke’s passing:

Other Hillary Clinton supporters agreed with Edelstein, and added these outrageous comments. WHOA!

Clearly, Democrats are still depressed about suffering the greatest political defeat in a generation. President-elect Trump’s victory is historic and he is ready to make America great again.

But the death of a beloved actor is not the time for cheap partisan shots and death wishes. This is outrageous and Democrats should be embarrassed.

What do you think about Hillary supporters’ responses to Thicke’s death? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.