Alan Dershowitz Reveals Why Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict Should Be Vacated – ‘Without A Doubt’

Lawyers representing Derek Chauvin have filed a motion to have him be given a new trial in the death of George Floyd after it was revealed that one of the jurors that convicted him last month had been photographed at a Black Lives Matter march in Washington D.C. last summer wearing a T-shirt that read “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks,” and “BLM.”

The juror than allegedly lied about this on the jury questionnaire in the hopes of being selected.

Dershowitz Sounds Off

Now, legal expert Alan Dershowitz is speaking out to explain why he thinks Chauvin’s verdict needs to be vacated because of this juror.

“This was not a juror. This was an advocate,” he explained to Fox News. “If it had not been an anonymous jury it probably would have been disclosed that a juror who had a point of view before he heard a single bit of evidence.”

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“When you combine that with the threats of the jurors,” Dershowitz added. “Why do you think this juror came out now and publicized himself? Because he voted to convict. If he dared to vote to acquit he would never have disclosed himself because he knows he would be attacked. That is not the way the jury system should operate in America.”

Dershowitz Predicts New Trial

“They are going to have to go through it again because we have the trial of the other three other co-defendants,” he lated added. “We are going to see many of these trials with threats to jurors. That is why we have sequestered jurors in all of these cases. That is why the Supreme Court should take this case and lay down an unqualified rule.”

“Sequestered jurors so that Maxine Waters doesn’t get into the jury room even though she has not selected as a juror,” Dershowitz concluded. “She was in the jury room telling those juries that if they vote to acquit, there is going to be hell to pay.”

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Scandal Involving Juror

Brandon Mitchell, the juror in the damning photo, has defended his participation in the Black Lives Matter march.

“It was huge to get people geared for voter turnout, so being a part of that, being able to attend, you know, the same location where Martin Luther King gave his speech was a historic moment,” Mitchell told CBS Local. “Either way, I was going to D.C. for this event, even if George Floyd was still alive.”

On his jury questionnaire, Mitchell claimed that he never attended protests over police brutality in Minnesota or beyond. When asked about Black Lives Matter, he responded, “Black lives just want to be treated as equals and not killed or treated in an aggressive manner simply because they are Black.”

This piece was written by James Samson on May 5, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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