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Al Sharpton Confronted Over His History of Racial Bigotry – You’ll Never Believe His Response

Sometimes one has to wonder just what sort of pictures Al Sharpton must have locked away of MSNBC executives. To have a guy with his outrageous history of racism and riot-inducing rhetoric on television every night is quite shameful.

So on the night of the White House Corespondents Dinner, Daily Surge editor Jason Mattera decided to take matters into his own hands and ask the questions MSNBC guests seem afraid to ask about Sharpton’s history of inexcusably racist comments. He asked Sharpton if he should be banned from television “in the spirit of Donald Sterling.”

Surprisingly, instead of running away, Sharpton asked for clarification. Mattera responded by providing him with the hard evidence: such as calling Jews “white interlopers,” using the N-word to describe former Democrat New York Mayor David Dinkins, referring to ancient Greeks as “homos,” and calling white people “crackas” on countless occasions. And that’s just the mild stuff!

Sharpton responded calling Jews “white interlopers” was not racist because he was referring to only one person: Freddy’s Fashion Mart owner, Fred Harari. Apparently, if you use epithets to describe a single person, it’s not offensive?

Al Sharpton is an embarrassing idiot, and should not be taken seriously as a television host.