Al Gore Slams Trump: ‘Stop Hurting This Country’ And ‘Acknowledge Reality’ You Lost Election

Former Vice President Al Gore believes that former President Donald Trump is hurting the country by not acknowledging that he lost the 2020 presidential election.

Gore made his comments on Saturday during an interview on CNN’s “Newsroom.”

Gore On Trump Insisting He Won The Election: ‘Very Damaging To Our Democracy’

Gore said to host Pamela Brown, “The refusal of the former president to acknowledge that he lost, by 7 million votes, it wasn’t close, for God’s sake, and apparently a majority of his party is still so enthralled to him that they still believe that the American people did not make the judgment that they clearly made, this is very damaging to our democracy.”

“I’m hoping that this craziness will fade over time, but we keep getting this nonsense, like this foolish exercise to bring in some Cyber Ninja group in Arizona to look for bamboo in the ballots there.” Gore continued.

“It’s absolutely nuts,” he added.

Gore Accuses Trump Supporters Of Suffering From ‘Artificial Insanity’

“Cyber Ninja group” was a reference to an election auditing outfit whose CEO appeared in a movie recently about the election allegedly being “rigged” in Biden’s favor.

Gore then compared “AI” as in “artificial intelligence” to what he called “artificial insanity.”

“We hear about AI, standing for artificial intelligence,” Gore said. “They’re putting another kind of AI out, artificial insanity. They’re putting out messages that create an alternate reality.”

“People get into these echo chambers on the internet, and it’s all they hear, and they begin to believe, and they begin to believe the alternate reality,” Gore insisted.

The former vice president added, “We have got to follow the rule of reason, and honor American democracy, and acknowledge the will of the American people.”

“They spoke loudly and clearly,” Gore said.

Gore: ‘Stop Hurting This Country. Stop Undermining Democracy’

CNN’s Brown then chimed in.

““It’s interesting, you point out, Donald Trump, the former president, who has been the leader of this movement,” Brown said. “He is the one that started it.”

“The 2020 election was 235 days ago, and Trump continues to complain about his loss,” Brown said. “What is your message to him?”

Gore said, “Well, I’m not sure that whatever I say to him would have any impact whatsoever, but just on the off chance that it would, I would say, please, do the right thing.”

“Acknowledge reality,” Gore implored. “Stop hurting this country. Stop undermining democracy.”

“Honor the great and honorable traditions of the United States of America,” Gore finished. “This cannot go on, the way it is.”

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