Al Gore Falsely Claims Republicans Think Only The Wealthy And Powerful Should Vote

Don Lemon Al Gore

The former Vice President and failed presidential candidate Al Gore spoke out on Monday night to falsely claim that Republicans believe that the United States “would be better if the wealthy and powerful” voted while appearing on Don Lemon’s CNN show.

“The next big battle, you know it is going to be over the GOP to restrict voting rights,” Lemon said. “A lot of these bills target Black and brown voters. Is this only going to get worse as demographics continue to change and Republicans are increasingly in the minorities? Is their effort is going to pick up to disenfranchise voters, especially those of color?”

Al Gore Slams Republicans 

“Absolutely,” Gore responded. “This is really and truly un-American Don. This is a naked effort trying to suppress Black, brown and indigenous voters.’

“Suppress any kind of votes from people who they think will not go for the far-right, promote the interests of the wealthy program,” he added. “Let me give them their credit. I think they actually believe that this country would be better if the wealthy and powerful had more control over all the decisions.”

“History has proven that when we expand the rights to vote and more people vote and when all points of view and background and perspective brought together, we make better decisions,” Gore continued. “That’s one of the secret strengths of America. So we need to expand access to voting. Everybody who is an American citizen ought to be automatically registered to vote.”

“We ought to have voting on weekends instead of on just Tuesday, on a workday,” he said. “We ought to have more absentee voting.”

“There is no record of voter fraud, one or two little cases every once in a while,” Gore concluded. “We ought to bring everyone into the voting booth and have everyone taking part in helping to guide this nation.”

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Lemon Attacks Trump And United States

This came hours after Lemon claimed that former President Donald Trump exposed to the world how racist the United States really is.

“I’m glad Donald Trump is behind us,” Lemon said. “Listen, if you believe in policy and politics, I’m not a political person — there wasn’t much about policy that Donald Trump said or did or believed in or accomplished. Mostly what he did do is served to divide the country.”

“But he also exposed the racism and original sin of this country which is slavery and racism and Jim Crow,” he added. “We thought maybe we were in a post-racial era, and we weren’t.”

“We were living a lie,” Lemon continued. “Donald Trump, I hate to say it, he showed us the truth and showed us who many of our neighbors are, not all of them, many of them.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on March 16, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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