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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Tani says:

    I agree with this kid. Facebook should perhaps be boycotted, shunned. They obviously hate free speech. This also shows that Zuckerman likes to use his heavy hand; it makes him powerful and potend (yuk yuk). Perhaps in the future the same heavy hand, on the OTHER side, will finished him. What goes around…..

  2. Joan says:

    It is NOT an assault on Christianity, it is an assault on humanity and life.
    After all, the 99% of ISIS victims are Muslims actually…

  3. dtk1952 says:

    Zuckerman and crew are As Slicking POS’s just like the POSITWH. If you don’t agree with them they suspend your account. But, if you are in agreement with the As slickers, you can say whatever you want. Don’t say anything against Ovomit nor the GAY(Got-AIDS-Yet)crowd as that hurts Zuckermans’ rear.

  4. Duane says:

    Facebook routinely censors anti-Obama comments and articles. Zuckerman is a liberal…

  5. Bert says:

    This is so immature of FaceBook. The 1st Ammendment gives him the right to say what he wishes to say. This is still a nation under the constitution even though Obama does not adhere to most of the Bill of Rights. Evidently there is a Liberal bias rat monitoring FaceBook to do such a thing to a twelve year old. That’s not an adult monitoring FaceBook. That is a stupid childlike adult that needs the crap beat out of him. I would love to meet that chump for 5 mins in an elevator. Come to think of it, I would love to meet Obama in an elevator alone for 5 mins. Of course they are both cowards and chumps. Mir wouldn’t be worth wasting my time. NOT……I would beat the tar out of both.

  6. Linda says:

    Facebook you should be ashamed of yourself you let isis communicate n post things but 1 little boy stood up and said what he felt and he was sincerely right you shut him down…wow .. So not right. Hes more a man than President Obama. This kid should take Obamas place he makes more sense…

    1. Benjamin says:

      This is 100% normal for facebook. You can curse people out all you want. But don’t you dare post any truth about the Republican party.

      1. dtk1952 says:

        Don’t say anything against Suckerman’s beloved GAYs(Got-AIDS-Yet) neither. He and the FB POS crew get their panties twisted into a wringer when you speak the truth against Obama or GAYs. Yet, the GAY trash can write whatever they want about a normal person without repercussion.

  7. William says:

    I support CJ’s right to speak his mind on Facebook. Facebook is censoring CJ because they support Obama. CJ is not trying to start a riot with his comments, so let him post on Facebook. Don’t give in to those that are trying to limit your right to speak.

  8. Barbara says:

    not looking good for facebook to take political sides.and by closing this account it kinda shows someones own political party affiliation to do this , when you do a open site and cause one sidedness in it it will fail,i am surprised that they closed his account and if a reason please do tell him the reason and his parents what CAUSED it to be closed down , not just suspicious activity,tell what it was so the parents can be the judge and jury

  9. June says:

    Smart young man !!

  10. Thelma says:

    This young man is what we need as president.

  11. Erick says:

    heyn im impressed with this young man hes stood up for what was right this country is heaeding for a rude awaskeing Jesus is coming back we need to be prepaired because this kid was stnding up for God

  12. Sandy says:

    I am so impressed with this young man and is courage to voice his opinions. He is a bright star in a dimly lit world these days.

  13. Janice says:

    What has happened to FREEDOM of speech in this country !!! Oh yeah, it’s not politically correct, and only our political sector has FREEDOM of speech anymore !!!! It is not we the people anymore .It is we the government. And divided we fall !!!!

  14. Brenda Joy says:

    Someone in Face Book suspended his account? For what? suspiciious activity? I find it very suspicious that they suspended his account, what about the FREEDOM OF SPEECH???? THIS YOUNG MAN SPOKE THE TRUTH! I’M SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW BUT SO VERY PROUD OF THIS YOUNG MAN! YOU GO CJ!!!!

  15. Richard says:

    So fb censored a conservative’s speech. What else is new? Did anyone really doubt that the “Liberal media” doesn’t exist and try to sway opinion? It is so good to know that real courage is still present.

  16. Christopher says:

    I totally agree with this young man. All you have to do is take a hard look at the president’s actions, they tell the story, not his words.

  17. Norris says:

    The Black community should embrace and nurture this young man. Encourage and whatever it takes, do not let the leftist loons threaten and discourage him. Not only is he a future gem in the Black community but in the American community as a whole. If you let his fire be extinguished by hate and bigotry from the FarLeft, then you should hang your heads with shame.

  18. Peg says:

    CJ Pearson is a bright, insightful young man. He has honest, mature, opinions and voices those opinions in such a way many adults could take a lesson from. What Facebook has done is completely out of line. I hope there is enough public outrage and support to show them how totally foolish and bigoted they (Facebook) look to the general public.

  19. William says:

    This needs to be shown into all Black Community’s and all schools , starting in the First grade. And also Facebook ought to be charged for their treatment of this young mans Free Speech Rights. The president needs a lesson also in how to be the President of all Americans . And stop trying to transform America into a socialists nation, we do not like his way of doing that .

  20. Jackie says:

    Is there no LIKE on the comments already posted. thx.

  21. Ronald says:

    Absolutely. He made a rational, well-reasoned, and polite response, and Facebook should be ashamed to retaliate in this cowardly way.

  22. Marilyn says:

    Zukerberg has always had his nose so far up obamas ass that no one should be surprised!

  23. Rose says:

    This bright & brave young man spoke the truth & yes, thank God for Fox News or we never would have heard about it!! And Giuliani is NOT a racist!! Did Pearson conveniently forget about 9/11??

  24. Connie says:

    is facebook taking away our freedom of speech

  25. Marilyn says:

    Facebook is developing a “reputation” for “censorship”.
    A reputation they should not want.

  26. Keith says:

    An ancestor of mine once said: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” That about sums up my stance here. I do not agree with what this boy has said, but I also do not agree with FACEBOOK’S actions in this matter. Being outspoken is NOT a violation of the site’s policies.

  27. This young has the right to free speech I applaud him for doing so.! For FB to block him is wrong do they believe Obama has put our country first no he hasn’t he’s hurt this country so bad it will take a very long time to recover from the damage he has created. Obama tells us we must take medical insurance even if you can’t afford it, won’t fight back with Isis, trying to tell us how we are to eat and what types of drinks we are to drink. Well I was born free and will remain free until I die free. I will speak my mind, eat what I want when I want and get my own medical insurance from who I want. I was born an AMERICAN free to be me. Young mister Pearson you are wise beyond your years keep speaking your mind you’ve earned that right here in the LAND OF THE FREE AND BRAVE.

  28. Kimball says:

    Yes I agree with this young man. We need the voters who agree with him to stand up at the polls and stop voting in the old . We need people with this attitude in order to get America back on the right track. Other wise we are going to derail.

  29. hoot says:

    It is so refreshing to hear a young American like CJ speak so eloquently about a subject he truly believes in. We need many more like this fine young man. His parents might be Democrat, but they raised him extremely well. Thank you CJ. You are like a breath of fresh air

  30. Valerie says:

    Face Book is breaking his constitutional right of freedom of speech. There was nothing suspicious about what he said or posted but what they did is highly suspicious.

  31. Bishop says:

    Obama is nothing but a terrorist in office because he don’t support the U,S Constitution and has a greater disdain for the American way of life and if Facebook is way out of line to remove or block this young man for speaking the truth. Facebook sounds like ISIS committed and that is wrong.

  32. Mike says:

    Why does FB do this kind of crap when someone tells the truth like it is,this young man is wise beyond his years,obama is a POS traitor ,compaired to this bastard obama mao Nixon was an angel

  33. Faith says:

    I was under the impression that we still have freedom of speech. I guess that has been ripped away by Obama. All of our rights are slowly being taken away by this evil and corrupt administration. Facebook you shoulkd be ashamed for your actions.

  34. Barbara says:

    Ussula has much courage, more than the rest of this world. Guiliana is strong in his beliefs also.

    Some people in congress mentioned impeachment process, but they are not in a great hurry.

    I wonder what their fear is, election perhaps.

  35. Ussula says:

    I applaud this kid for his courage, his intelligence, and his honesty. Thankyou for posting that video, thankyou for not backing down when they blocked your account, and thankyou for goin on national news about it. You have given a lot of people a lot of hope that the wrongs being done to America from the office of President can be fought and put right.

    1. Bob says:


  36. Ken says:

    This is what happens when they are not raised in the street.

  37. Marinevet says:

    It is nice to know that there are still intelligent young people in our schools. Even though the liberal government does more to indoctrinate our children then teach them anything of value. Good on you.

  38. Evelyn says:

    Some liberal creep must have gotten onto Facebook to do this stupid deed. This kid is right, and we are still supposed to have free speech in this country. I’m proud of this boy – he isn’t out rioting, and looting and burning – he is speaking SENSE into Facebook. CJ, keep on making sense,and you are heading toward being a real MAN. Thank you.

  39. RDavid says:

    CJ… Thank You …for STANDING STONG with Diligence, Strength, Courage and Loyalty …as You Serve America, so well in your youthfulness.

    My FB PAGE is ‘rdhopa”, and you may use it any time you choose. call 352-726-1414 and I qill provide you the FB PW for my page.

    May God continue to Bless you with righttful knowledge and a bountiful Future. Amen and Amen

  40. RDavid says:

    ATTENTION: PRESIDENT OBAMA, …’By virtue of YOUR FAILED LEADERSHIP, & sinisterly DISREGARD for CHRISTIANS of AMERICA, and those residing in the MIDDLE EAST… , YOU Mr. President are just as GUILTY in the Barbarous Acts of Islamic MUSLIM TERRORISTS.
    *** (p) RESIDENT OBAMA, The more YOU’, Praise and Worship the ISLAMIC CULT, and FAIL TO Call-OUT the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS’… , While with the same breathe.. . YOU’, DEMEAN and DISGRACE,,, . America’s Christians ( of All denominations)… , ***YOU’, (p) RESIDENT Barack HUSSEIN Obama, ***Are providing the potential for the ACTIVATION and PERFORMANCE of THREATENING BEHAVIOR, of Islamic Muslim TERRORISTS, with in Our America***.
    ***PRESIDENT Obama, I, a Chirst-Servant, Veteran & Patriot “COMMAND & DIRECT”, that ***YOU… ***State’, in every Public access MEDIA as immediate as possible”.; “As President of Our United States of America’, I will do all in my POWER, Authority, and ACCOUNTABILITY, “”” I ,””””, ‘DENOUNCE THE ISLAMIC TERRORIST’s, ‘ORAL or PHYSICAL’, Threats of all VENUES, against the Well-Being of Our Citizens, Property, or the FREEDOMS of America, be it at home or abroad. As PRESIDENT of Our United States of America, “I,… , GUARANTEE- there will be … , ‘NO ZONES of ISLAMIC MUSLIM DOMINATED CONTROL, that will FLOURISH in America, ***AND*** I’, as PRESIDENT …, “WILL PETITION OUR CONGRESS to ENACT a LAW … That PROHIBITS any form of SHARIA LAW with-in Our American DOMAIN”.. , PERIOD
    ***MR. PRESIDENT …It is time for you to ‘STAND STRONG’, and LET America KNOW ***You Can LEAD, with the AUTHORITY and ACCOUNTABILITY of Your Office… , more especially With-in the parameters of YOUR OATH of OFFICE***, as Clarified by The Constitution. *** HOWEVER… , should ***YOU choose not to ‘TAKE a STAND’, and CHOOSE to present a CONTINUANCE of FAILED LEADERSHIP, relating to the Islamic Muslim TERRORIST THREATS to Our Nation***.
    “””I, as a Christ-Servant, Veteran and Patriot “”COMMAND & “DIRECT”, ‘YOU’- Mr. President Barack HUSSEIN Obama… , “RESIGN from your OFFICE”… , PERIOD.
    I Robert David Hummel, am fully Liable and accountable for the entirety of this post, PLEASE SHARE ‘Thank You”.
    NSA chief: ISIS ‘increasingly resonates’ with American Muslims [Read]
    While most of the country remains understandably frightened about the dangers posed by radical Islam, President Obama continually shrugs-off the danger and…
    Robert David Hummel SFC, USA, (Ret), INVERNESS, FLORIDA

    Nation In Distress
    Nation In Distress

    1. Tex says:

      Resignation is far too tame. Obama and his criminal minions must be arrested, tried, and punished for their disregard for constitution, lying to electorate to swing results of election (ie-you can keep your doctors, you can keep,your hospital, the avg family’s insurance cost will go down $2500,etc), Bengazi lie and cover-up, illegal by passing of congress on amnesty, etc etc. I sincerely hope he repents………or hangs from the neck til dead!

  41. Kathy says:

    CJ speaks what the people think. Freedom of speech–FB must allow his posts. If not, we’ll all be locked out.
    Someone put this young man as a spokesman/contributer. Then he won’t need FB.
    He should be heard. He has the courage & backbone most don’t.

    1. Kathy says:

      Yes!!! I totally agree with you !!! He is such a brave young man at only 12 years of age …. I’m proud of him & look forward to hearing what he has to say in the future !!!

  42. Kim says:

    This is a very amazing young man!! Unfortunately, he is not old enough to have a facebook account, so they had to block it. On his 13th birthday, I hope he gets an account and continue telling it like it is. Mr. Pearson, I hope to hear more from you sir.

    1. Susan says:

      That is an absolutely ridiculous comment. There are thousands of children under 13 who have Facebook accounts. This is blatantly pro-obama on Mark Zuckerberg’s account.

  43. Thomas says:

    John, Snopes is so far out in Liberal land hardly anyone but liberals will look at it

  44. dianna says:

    John.. Snopes is not the be all.. Snopes is 2 liberal canadians.. SO NO I DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANY INFORMATION..

  45. Adam says:

    Has anyone ever stopped to think why a 12 year old boy was able to get a Facebook account in the first place? He had to have falsified his age info. Don’t you see? After he became popular in the media, Facebook couldn’t help but realize that all this came from a 12 year old boy. They had to go with their policy and suspend his account. Funny thing is that they helped his video and info find their way around the age policy by making a public figure page on his behalf. Besides that, the youtube video hasn’t been censored yet.

    I agree with what he’s said, and I agree with the ideas of most people here. But here’s my beef: crying out “censorship” and “anti-intelligence” (essentially crying wolf) is no small thing. It’s a major accusation that should be backed up or at least thought through before its proclamation. Seriously. Otherwise, we just look stupid. And it’s rather fustrating when I’m trying to sort through the crap in the media to find the truth.

    This article represents the effects of trigger-happy wannabe” journalists” that merely make more noise when we need clarity more than ever in this society. So much for journalism…

    1. Charlie says:

      Adam, your comments reflect the mind of a blind, stupid die-hard left wing crybaby Liberal.

    2. Opa says:

      Point well taken. Censorship is an issue of state overreach. FB is a private enterprise (albeit, it is getting more difficult to say that about banks, insurance companies, “private” utilities, bakers, florists, photographers, etc. Our remedies are to out and boycott Pajama Boy Zuckerberg, et al. and vote for level headed politicians — for a change. And I don’t see FOX’s journalism in this case as being off-base at all. The commentators raised the censorship and free speech bogeymen, not FOX.

      Query: When private enterprises become so controlled by the state that their conduct borders on state overreach, are accusations of censorship, etc., more valid? Or is it a clear line? Does it become a difference without distinction? Does that beg the question of whether we should be objecting to government interventionism and control of private enterprise? Where do we draw the line between liberty and tyranny? Should we err on the side of liberty? Or is the state enshrining the right to not be offended, or the prohibition against criticism of government?

  46. Kevin says:

    Amazing young man.

  47. SFC says:

    Hey Facebook!! Leave Those Kids Alone. Freedom of Speech is being denied, who made you Obama’s watchdog?

  48. Peggy says:

    I agree with C.J. Pearson, and I do not agree with Facebook for what they did with his account He only spoke the truth,so what is wrong with that?

  49. John says:

    Did any of you conservative geniuses (talk about an oxymoron) think to check this out with Snopes before crying “Censorship!”??? For your information, it’s typical right-wing, Fox News BS. http://www.snopes.com/computer/facebook/pearson.asp

  50. John says:


  51. Robert says:

    Young Master Pearson has his head on straight. He can see what obummer is doing to our country and his future. I feel so bad for my grandchildren. If things don’t straighten out they are going to have a very hard time of it. Master Pearson, you stick to your convictions and be like Trey Gowdey. Be a bulldog. Don’t let anyone rattle your chain. Sic ’em son.

  52. Hanna says:

    this young man has such courage. everyone in America should be proud of him.

  53. Sharon says:

    Facebook doesn’t allow kids under age 13, to have their own account. It probably has nothing to do with the content of his message.

  54. Thomas says:

    While I don’t normally look at snopes, f-book Always suggests their posts! They have one on this subject and say that it was because CJ is only 12 & f-book requires one to be 13 years old, which Has the ring of truth…but may just be the legit reason given, when the reason they reviewed his account at all may Still have been his negative comments on the king!

  55. Regina says:

    He is so riht . He has great values. And Facebook had no right in shuting down his account.

  56. Mark says:

    Just as Obama has systematically dealt with all dissent since he entered public life, Facebook and other social media judge and label people who disagree or just have different opinions or solutions, as ignorant and evil. By the liberals’ decree, people who oppose the socialist, communist policies want poor people executed in the streets because they’re worse than Hitler. Emperor Barry has done everything possible to worsen the political divide. You do not and cannot have any reasoned, legitimate disagreement with Obama or any other minion of the cult of the progressive liberal democrat. The only possible explanations for your obstinacy are either racism, stupidity or you’re just evil.

  57. Mark says:

    Just as Obama has systematically dealt with all dissent since he entered public life, Facebook and other social media judge and label people who disagree or just have different opinions or solutions, as ignorant and evil. By the liberals’ decree, people who oppose the socialist, communist policies want poor people executed in the streets because they’re worse than Hitler. Emperor Barry has done everything possible to worsen the political divide. You do not and cannot have any reasoned, legitimate disagreement with Obama. The only possible explanations for your obstinacy are either racism, stupidity or you’re just evil.

  58. Patrick says:

    Apparently Facebook Does not believe in Freedom Of Speech. Whatever happened to ” I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it “

  59. Lucy says:

    Also share this story on FB because the video is embedded in it. That’ll fox their box.

  60. Jkirk3279 says:

    “At just 12 year old, he knew enough to reject what his liberal teachers believe”

    What you should have said was “at just 12 years old, he had already been programmed with Conservative Talking Points”.

    Twelve year old kids don’t HAVE political views of their own; they haven’t had time to study politics and learn who the players are.

    Giuliani made a fool of himself, pretending HE knew what President Obama thinks and believes.

    I realize this will be a shock to many of you, but you don’t KNOW what another person thinks and believes unless they TELL you.

    And when it’s a political opponent, and you insist they “believe” something they’ve never said… well, that’s what we call a “Lie”.

    It doesn’t matter if you believe the Lie, it’s still a Lie.

    Now, you can say “I THINK, based on his actions, that Mr. Smith loves Brocolli”.

    But you can’t simply declare that Mr. Smith loves Brocolli if he’s never said so.

    Those of you in the RW Cult believe all manner of things that are based on suspicion, already debunked Hoaxes, and Party Dogma.

    Don’t expect the rest of us to buy into your delusion.

    As for as Facebook goes, they have their Terms of Service publicly posted; the kid was too young to have a Facebook account.

    Facebook does this to protect themselves from lawsuits; a minor getting into trouble on their site would leave them wide open.

    And no, it’s not “censorship”. Censorship is when the Government denies your Rights.

    Facebook isn’t the Government, they’re a Private Corporation. They supply a service and have legitimate rules on who can use it.

    Come his next birthday, the poor deluded kid will be able to re-apply.

    1. Chuck says:

      So because he doesn’t share your political views he is misled and programmed . Lol , sounds like a typical liberal post. Btw , I’ve worked with pre teens and teenagers for 15 years and they have a very keen grasp of politics . From the most liberal source created , their own educational system !

  61. Susan says:

    I certainly do agree with this very bright/perceptive young man! My contention in re to Obama, from day 1, has been that ea. unpopular position he takes or program he presents to Congress that gets met w/lears instead of cheers will be explained in “racist” context. Sadly, that happens much too often. I recall being in a comments area, during 1st Lady Michelle’s 1st term. She was getting lots of flack for taking an expensive trip to Spain w/some girl friends; she was getting critiqued for wearing very expensive/flashy dress to State Dinners on one hand, and on the other,being critiqued by the late designer, Oscar De La Renta, for wearing a cardigan, sweater ensemble to a luncheon hosted hosted by Queen Elizabeth. There were some young, and angry African-American women who opined that “Michelle does not get paid, and, does not have to listen to white trash telling her what to do.” I responded to them, that, I did not think Michelle would appreciate support like theirs, because a) she is 1st Lady to all Americans, not just fellow Black women and 2)Her husband needs majority vote of all ethnic groups to be reelected. As I have observed Obama, sadly, he has been too defensive on too many issues in re to his ethnic background. It started with his intervention in a Boston Police incident when a black professor felt he was being hassled by a white police officer in re to a break-in at his home. Obama wanted to use that incident to teach Americans that race problems still exist. Now that Obama is nearing the end of his 2nd term, we have a mess in Ferguson MO that is not coming to a happy resolution. The President also appears to be too obsequious to the needs of Muslims; especially Muslim Americans or Arab Americans. He appears to be so fearful of reverse retaliation, that he does not tolerate the use of term “Muslim Terrorist”. Many Americans fear that his affinity for Muslim Culture has a negative impact on Homeland Security; especially when he is making noises about cutting our military budget. Obama appears to be so opposed to racial profiling, that he does not want CIA, FBI or similar agencies, investigating American Mosques or other domestic institutions, regardless of how legitimate the threat appears to be.

    I applaud this young man! No 12 year old American of any ethnic group, should be made to feel like this President is a bad president because of his ethnicity. CJ heard the story correctly. Obama does not like this country for a number of reasons; and his leadership style is confusing many people about who the real enemy is. We hear lots about African-American youngsters having a hard time learning how to read, and falling far behind in school, we don’t get to hear enough from bright African-American kids like CJ. They too, know how to read the paper, they also check out the news online, perhaps reading at a higher level than many, because they know the importance of accessing opinions from more than one source. If I were a young Black male in CJ’s shoes, I would be mighty angry, about people assuming I would defend Obama. CJ understands the posture Obama is taking and he does not agree with Obama, and he is frustrated that people think he is deaf, dumb and blind. CJ might have family members in the military. He knows how much they are sacrificing, he hears Obama talk about Defense cuts. He listened to former Secretary Chuck Hagel’s remarks when he left the Pentagon. CJ is righteously confused about this man we elected as our President. He does not care about the color of Obama’s skin. He cares more about keeping our homeland safe, increasing jobs/improving economy. The action that FB took in locking CJ Pearson out of his account, is deplorable. The very idea that CJ should feel obliged to defend Obama or any other black politician; is reprehensible.

  62. Kathy says:

    It is clear that freedom of speech only applies when it’s in line with certain groups agenda. It’s ridiculous to block his facebook account for expressing his opinion. What he says is true and he has the right to say it.

  63. I’m sure FaceBook didn’t do this own their own. I’m sure they were told or pressured to do so. And it is sad that someone, possibly Nobama himself, had this done, and is afraid of a 12 boys account of what he believes. What he said was well inside his legal rights of freedom of speech, and to block that just shows the cowardice of someone else.

  64. Linda says:

    This young man has a bright future. He is intelligent and very well spoken. In America we have freedom of speech as a right, why does Facebook believe they can remove that right. Shame on them.

  65. Daryl says:

    Leave a comment against the wannabe King and it will be deleted. This 12 year old man would make a better president than Oblammer.

  66. Liza says:

    So Sweet Jane….censorship can only be performed by governments? LOL

  67. Daryl says:

    Imagine that, Facebook afraid of a 12 year old. Oblammers wrists are getting limper as I type.

  68. Christopher says:

    Wow do some real journalism instead of b.s. propaganda. After gaining attention it came to light he was violating FBs TOS when he lied about his age. The age requirement is 13 of which he is not so FB shut down the account. Afterwards FB reactivated it as a “public figure” account and once he’s 13 can have control again. FYI the video was never removes. This article is nothing but false propaganda.

  69. Can you believe this! Now they are calling him uncle Tom? I love this kid a true future leader for all people!

  70. Richard says:

    Facebook may not be an official government entity but they are enforcing the rules of the Democrat Plantation to punish all independent thought or criticism of Obama by Blacks. It’s like saying, ” Don’t you know what’s good for you, Boy?”

  71. Donna says:

    I agree with C J Pearson 100% on every word he said about Obama and about censorship by Facebook and how wrong it is for Facebook to shut his page down just because he doesn’t agree with Obama. I guess mine is going next lol

  72. Anthony says:

    What a shame this kid is so smart….. Shame on you Facebook!!!!

  73. Kathy says:

    Jim You have got be joking! It’s the liberals that are known for name calling! Always has been! It’s what they always revert too when they cant think of anything to say. It’s their trademark! Lol!

  74. Maxine says:

    I certainly hope that Fox has or will sign this young man to a contract to pay his way through college and become a Super Star! Good luck C.J.

  75. John says:

    If this kid was blocked I say that he should be unblocked he did nothing wrong and I’d a vary smart kid I agree with him 100 % he only was telling the truth and I can’t believe that he was blocked 4 exercising his first amendment freedom of speech I would stand with this kid why don’t you block the Muslims is what thay say and post it is amazing to me that this is America and it is Americans who get blocked and Muslims say anything with out being challenged

  76. Mestranger says:

    I am surprised i have not yet been censored all the libitards and our muslim president are ruining this once great nation and we need to get her back

  77. Rowena says:

    I absolutely agree with him, he’s calling it as he sees it and that’s one of the freedoms our forefathers fought and died to give him, and while FB might lock his FB page they cannot lock his right to say it and I applaud him for his honesty. This young man will go far in life and may someday help repair the damage that has been done to this country by what we have in office now.

  78. James says:

    Every body should speak up as this young man did.

  79. John says:

    I agree with this kid 100 % and would stand at his side I think it is totally wrong that this vary smart kid has been blocked 4 telling the truth but the Muslim trash can post anything thay want and no one prevents them this is America what happened to freedom of speech

  80. Mark says:

    Although I agree with every word this young man says, I thought one must be over the age of 13 years to have a Face book account.
    In this young man’s case, He far exceeds the mental age of “Many” Adults using Facebook.

  81. Larry says:


    Did the W H call out the social media nazi after this child spoke publicly? They want him to remain black and not make waves. Aren’t black leaders suppose to tell blacks what to say and when to say it? Dr King must be rolling over in his grave when blacks are denied freedom of speech as this child is experiencing.

  82. Obama is mostly Muslim .. his relatives had slaves. ..he is an Islamic terrorist… he should be found guilty of treason, hung, and stoned to death

  83. Ronald says:

    While I agree with the 12 yo and am glad his parents have taught him well in spite of the public school system it is too bad that P.I. didn’t due due diligence or contact FB directly before posting this and blasting FB for taking his page down. I did. The one and only reason his account was closed was that he is not 13. FB does not allow minors of that age to have their own FB page. They take no sides politically. Ever. FB was simply following the rules.

  84. Joe says:

    This has been hilarious. Thank you all so much. :)

    First, private corporations are not bound by the constitution. This is about as basic as it gets. If one has trouble understanding this, one has no business forming opinions about what is constitutional and what isn’t. In short, Facebook is free to add/edit/delete any content it desires just as you are free to use or not use the service.

    Regarding the kid in the video; cute kid. But he’s twelve. It’s mind boggling that so many wish to hold up a pre-pubecent boy as the poster child for the future of the conservative movement. It’s remarkably short sighted. It makes no sense to allow a boy who has never worked, been responsible for a family, owned property, or so much as stayed out after dark without a parent’s permission to be heralded as a voice of conservative reason.

    Let’s check back with him after the awkward teen years. :) After he’s had the chance to live a bit, it’d be great to hear from him again. He’s clearly intelligent and well spoken… But, as of yet, woefully inexperienced in… Well, everything.

    Let’s check back after the awkward teen years and see how intact those conservative principles are.

  85. Laura says:

    While I don’t agree with the censorship, Facebook was fully on their rights, since the boy is 12 and the Facebook terms of service require you to be 13 to use. There is a federal law requiring sites that allow people under 13 to use must adhere to. Honestly, once his age went public, Facebook had no choice but to suspend his account or face fines.

  86. Karl says:

    Great t kid well spoken and highly intelligent.
    Carríes himself very well in to interview quite amazing actually. clearly a lot smarter than his parents hahaha.

  87. Sue says:

    He had and has every constitutional right to speak freely about the government and it’s leadership. This youngster should be given every accolade for educating the public. He has done a service that the mainstream media has been afraid to do.

  88. Maureen says:

    i absolutely agree with him and said so the day his video was released. i applaud CJ and now have hope in our children’s future because of him and his intelligent, independent mind!

  89. Vanessa says:

    When he’s old enough…. He will be the first sent to fight for whitey.

    1. Maureen says:

      he won’t be fighting for your sorry, racist butt Vanessa! he’s too intelligent for that. and you’re envy of his intelligence is showing. ignorant statements like the one you made show envy and jealousy of others’ achievements. CJ will stand shoulder to shoulder with other intelligent Americans while ignorant ones such as yourself will be left to do the dirty work

  90. Bill says:

    I think your powers of observation are all screwed up Jim, maybe in your liberal machiavellian mind you just like criticize a teenager smarter than you.

  91. Sabrina says:

    Regardless of the definition, this isn’t censorship. Full stop.

    Facebook’s Terms & Conditions outline that you must be 13 years of age to use their service, to comply with COPPA law. Facebook is perfectly within its rights, and legally obligated to remove accounts of children they have reason to believe are under 13. It has nothing to do with this child’s statements, or his political leanings, it has everything to do with the fact that Facebook has an obligation to the law and they were upholding their own requirements in the process.

    1. dianna says:

      Really.. Facebook follows rules.. How many kids are on face book who are less than 12? millions. but because this young man stood up to obama he is banned? Really?

  92. cissy49 says:

    I have never joined facebook.
    All anyone needs do to protecst is top using Facebook.

    Go back to sending physical photos if someone wants to share a photo and talking in person…or hey, write a letter.

    wow, what a thought.

  93. Toni says:

    SweetJane, the govmt regulates FB, just to correct you. Fb sold out to the govmt. 2 yrs ago, where have you been? Anyway, I give this young man a standing ovavation. He obviously is well educated and keeps up on whats going on in this turmoil we call our govmt.. Its really nice to see how much he loves his country and his mannerism shows his parents are doing a great job raiseing him. I think he will go far in life as long he stays interested in global affairs. And keeps learning, hopefully his state banned common core. Good luck CJ, and shame on you FB, you listened to our corrupt govmt and locked his account. We need a new Social site with the freedom of speech that you cant take away!!

    1. dianna says:

      That is not true.. Facebook may sell our data to the government… but they went public but did not sell to the government..

  94. Johnny says:

    Do I agree with Facebook locking him out not at all do I agree with what he said not at all. The way I see it if he didn’t love America he wouldn’t brought our troops home from wars that we didn’t need to fight. I believe anyone that gives a damn about america wouldn’t talk about ur leader right or wrong but to be honest I could give a damn about anything that happens overseas. If u are a american and u run ur ass over there to fight with or against terrorist if u die that was ur stupid ass for going over there

  95. Freda says:

    What a blessing in todays world to have a 12 year old that is so much smarter than the leaders of our country. I pray that the people that took down your FB page will sit back and take note as to what you were trying to get across to this self centered, tunnel visioned world. You are very knowledgeable for a boy your age so please stay on the right track and always believe in yourself and don’t let anyone steer you in a wrong direction. God Bless

  96. Bruce says:

    This kid hit Obama’s actions right on the head. How sad. We have a President that hates America, but loves the Muslim Brotherhood.

  97. Fred says:

    Oh give me a break. What young kid uses the word “annihilate”. He was cached in the most ludicrous way. I call wicked BS.

    1. Fred says:

      coached, not cached. How about some way to edit posting errors, Political Insider?

  98. Debra says:

    I commend this kid for saying what he said . The truth comes from the mouths of babes. Too bad some adults can not stand up to tell the truth ! They can ban me if they want to but sooner or later there will not be anyone left to ban . The truth hurts but it’s the truth . For those that want to punish this young man for his views – SHAME ON YOU !!!

  99. Alicia says:

    The perception SEEMS RACIST to me. This Young man is informed and he told it as it is. Facebook has no right to block his account. Giuliani IS RIGHT according to obamas’ actions over and over, so don’t try to soften obama’s stance on these issues.!

  100. Connie says:

    SweetJane, it is censorship….it has nothing to do with it not being a government entity….I respect this young man for speaking up….and he did it with such professionalism. High five!!! Facebook probably was influenced by an outside source…….what else is new…..

  101. Mary Jo says:

    As pointed out to me, one must be 13 years old to have a page on Facebook. This young man was only 12 years old, violating FB rules. Could his account been deactivated for this reason aline?

    1. Sabrina says:

      That’s exactly why, and nothing more. You need not look far for similar posts, groups, or even people. But he broke Facebook’s Terms & Conditions, and for Facebook to allow his account to stay active would be in breach of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It’s a law.

      That’s the only reason his account is gone. Because it legally cannot be there to begin with.

  102. Larry says:

    Hu! A 12 year old kid with more smarts than the boob in the White House. No wonder obama and thugs wnat him shut down. What’s the matter Barry did the 12 year old kid intimidate you because he’s not a lying dirt-bag like you?

  103. Janet says:

    I have the same problem when trying to talk to a lib they always seem to need potty mouth to make their Usless point.

  104. Kent says:


  105. Dee says:

    I agree that Facebook was totally wrong and folded under pressure from the gov’t. 1st Amendment free speec – what he sid was terroristic only his feelings and he is allowed to express them. He’s account needs to be re=opened for him and him be allowed to say what he wishes as long as it is non-terrorist. Cudos to this young mn for speking his mind!

    1. Sheila says:

      Facebook can do what they want. Considering he is 12 and you must be 13 to even be on FB they can shut him down for no more than that. I find it upsetting that GOP adults, who irrationally hate Obama, commend a child disrespecting the President. It’s sad enough that adults, all of you, can not show enough restraint to post your disapproval without the constant vial lies you spread. I doubt you would speak this way online about your boss, or your childs principal, or the Pope. You have let hate fill you hearts because Fox has filled you minds with hate. Don’t bother popping a vein and calling me your silly liberal names because I won’t bother to read the replies.

  106. Geri says:


  107. Melissa says:

    Anyone point out the fact that you’re supposed to be a minimum of 13 years old to have your own personal Facebook page?

  108. Bette says:

    Do you remember when The Dixie Chicks denounced President Bush and how America treated them? We are suppose to have freedom of speech here, I guess it only applies if it is in favor of the current administration and dosen’t ruffel any feathers in Washington??? SAD.

  109. Gaby says:

    This is soooo fake! Come on people, wake up!

  110. Tempel-kids says:

    I think this boy is intelligent for his age, but rules are rules, and facebook says you have to be 13 to have an account.

  111. Captain says:

    Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account. I thought that conservatives always “played by the rules.”

  112. Ron says:

    Wow! This kid nailed it!!!! What wisdom he has at such a young age. And to think Facebook is afraid of a 12 yr old. Shame on you…I thought you were a big company.

  113. Diane says:

    What’s facebook afraid of?

    1. Sabrina says:

      Being taken to court for allowing a 12-year-old to have a Facebook account after everyone spread his age all over the Internet.

  114. Vern says:

    CJ Pearson is just another example of young people wanting to think for themselves instead of staying faithful to a community who’s let historic hatred define them. He’s not alone. He’s one
    more young idealist our country is currently grooming to undue the BS created by the very
    people who would keep him down. Rave on kid, your best days are on their way.

  115. Andrew says:

    C.J.’s account was blocked simply because he has more integrity and testicular fortitude at 12 years of age than most grown adults have. He called America, the MSM, and Barack Obama out on their bullcrap. Plain and simple!

  116. Ibrahem says:

    I admire this young man. He reminds me of my own son, only in reverse. My son, who turned 15 today, has grown up in a conservative household, but has since turned liberal/atheist because mankind lacks definitive proof of God’s existence AND he’s been watching atheist science. The change was stunning! He went from being a big-hearted defender of all that is right and Godly to, well…..use your common sense! I hope CJ’s parents appreciate their son and will some day open their own eyes. I look forward to this young man entering politics when the time arrives.

  117. Don says:

    Not at all unusual for left-wing Facebook: It only took two days of very politely dismantling the arguments of two gun control Facebook pages for Facebook to restrict me from posting anywhere, and despite 21 requests for answers, Facebook never replied. When I quit Facebook, within an hour I received an email with the Facebook logo and Facebook-spoofed return address that was actually from “saudibusiness.com” containing a link to a site that infected my computer with a Trojan, requiring a full reformatting of my hard drive. I’ve come to believe Facebook is part of the cultural Marxist takeover of our nation led by the First Enemy Agent infesting our White House.

  118. Questionman says:

    Oh my god….where do I begin?
    1. The REAL reason facebook closed his account was all thanks to the racists and bigots on the right signing this kid/s praises and age (being 12). Facebook account holders must be at least 13 years old. He brought attention to his illegal account. PERIOD!

    2. Here’s a question. Has that kid ever met Obama? Has he ever talked to him? So how does he know anything about Obama and what he thinks? He doesn’t. And neither do you because you’ve probably never met him or even talked to him.

    and 3. I respectfully disagree. I understand people not agreeing with everything the president does. But the utter nonsense you spouted about illegal voters is the type of thing that divides the country. If you believe he hates America then I have some beachfront property for you in Arizona. Real cheap!

    1. Ibrahem says:

      You can begin with capitalizing “God.” Everyone in this country and most around the entire world have “met” obama. We have “met” him through his executive actions over the last eight years, six of those being the White House. We “know” him through his speeches and actions. Try using some common sense when you post on boards, please!

    2. Chuck says:

      Well , have you met him personally , have you chatted with him and found out that what others have said is not true. A man’s actions speak louder than his words . As for disrespecting a President , I bet you used some pretty filthy terms in your disrespect for Pres. Bush .

  119. Phyllis says:

    I agree with CJ and applaud him for standing up and I also think the freedom of speech we are supposed to have in this Country is becoming less and less. Hang in there CJ

  120. Robert says:

    Well spoken young man! May you continue to be a light. Always strive for love first, without which, even the values that you respect and mentioned are void and meaningless. Lead whenever you can. Step aside, when you find you cannot. Best regards.

  121. Dorie says:

    The kid did nothing overtly wrong. He stated an opinion, and it does look and appear to be censorship when they put his account into lock down over his comments. My comments about the president have been much harsher and more pointed on many issues. Free speech on Facebook appears to be only free if you do not have antagonists who disagree with you.

  122. Geoff says:

    Well, the publicity itself must have jilted the powers that be in Facebook. His page is up and running with his now famous video clearly accessible to anyone. Good for you young man! You are much wiser than I ever was at your age.

  123. Michael says:

    Wtf???? The kid said nothing inflammatory. Why the drastic response from Facebook? Are we to fear SOCIAL MEDIA is taking an unfair, unbalanced stand?

  124. Norma says:

    Yes I agree with Pearson and admire him at such a young age that he is not afraid to be counted under the Lord God’s side. So, Facebook, go ahead and take away my facebook. After all when Obama takes charge of it, you will be begging for those of us who you slamed to come back. If we had some real men and patriots like my ancestors, and family who died for our freedom,like many other families, we would still have the same America we had 8 years ago.

  125. Suzanne says:

    OMG if this is not censorship by facebook then what the heck is? This young man has every right to voice his opinion and he is smarter than most of the politicians we have in office! You rock CJ!

  126. Don says:

    This was not an attack on Obozo, it was a young man speaking his opinion. It’s pretty sad when a supposed adult can’t take it from a 12 year old but instead acts like a 5 year old. That goes for Suckerberg and Obozo. No wonder people consider liberals the lowest form of life on the planet.

  127. Nic says:

    Americans aren`t the cause of all the problems in the world but they are the cause of most of them. (Glenn Greenwald on Bill Mahr Show)

  128. Lorie Ann says:

    I agree with CJ Pearson and Rudy Giuliali. I love this country and I care about what happens to it. I’m proud that he stood up for how he feels.

  129. Andy says:

    I could not agree more with this bright kid. And if FB removed it, shame on them!

  130. Nathan says:

    Bravo young man. Please young people, follow this leader among you.

  131. Ollie says:

    Facebook makes all sorts of stupid censorship decisions. I disapprove of this one (given what I know; there may be more to it than I realize).

  132. Suzie says:

    I agree with this young mAn 100% and what happened to freedom of speech, FB had no right to lock his account maybe all of us who agree should quit FB I wonder what would happen then

  133. Poppa says:

    I say Hurray for FB for showing without doubt where they stand as far as supporting America and our rights & values, in the near future this will be their downfall ! As for young Mr. C.J. Pearson his future will be bright and I am proud to call him a fellow American Patriot who not only loves his country but is one of the few willing to stand up for her and her values !! God Bless You young Sir !

  134. Janet says:

    that kid is just too smart

  135. Ron says:

    Smart Kid…very well spoken and mature for his age!

  136. Alice says:

    The Revolution is growing against Obama. It is reaching children too. It appears that religion is a factor in our politics and the New World Order has not erased it. The NWO selection of Islam as its global religion is not going to fly despite 200 years of preparation for it. The Atlantic Union Now crowd from Yale is going on the defensive but the offense is growing faster than they can handle it!

  137. Gina says:

    FB blocking him doesn’t surprise me at all. I love the fact that he speaks his mind and doesn’t follow the sheep. Good for him

  138. Carol says:

    Love hearing a young conservative speaking truth! Praying for him… I’m sure the attacks are just beginning. Love this kid!

  139. Frank J says:

    Anytime you stand up for what is right,you are wrong to the liberals, this is supose to be a free country not a dictator type government, we have freedom of speech?no everything you say someone is offended or we are offending them by our culture as americans, offending them with our National Flag, look around and you will see flags from all contries, we allow this. No other country will allow this.It’s high time we took our country back the these intruders of our freedom of speech, right to bear arm,free to show our colors and be proud say the pledge alligence under God in our schools, have prayer in our schools,where we can do these things and not offend others and in turn they can go back where they come from and do what ever they do. the atheist don’t like our prayer don’t have to listen to them

  140. Kenneth says:

    I commend this young man for the actions he has taken. I also commend his parents that they have done raised an intelligent child who can take action and speak intelligently. I look forward to seeing him in the future as a leader in his community, local and at large. May God continue His blessings on CJ, his family, and on all CJ’s circle of contacts.

  141. Sherrie says:

    Screw Facebook! Who do they think they are?

  142. Lorenzo says:

    Like Racism or Discrimination, Censorship has a real slimy eel like quality. The Liberal Democrats are very skilled at eel wrangling and use “it” whenever and wherever they can. A can of worms is now a can of eels that cannot be controlled by normal sane folks who operate within the confines of logic and principal. Makes me shudder just thinking about “it”.

  143. DeAnn says:

    I watched this young mans video last week & thought what a bright young man! Nothing, Nothing in that video that was inappropriate! Nothing, no bad language, nothing wrong! In fact, he was very well spoken, and put in a nice way how the vast majority of we Americans Feel however don’t express On Facebook, as Nicely as he put it! I can not believe nor can I see or understand their reasoning for “Suspicious Activity”! NO WAY! I think Facebook needs to Post How this constitutes Suspicious Activity!! I’m Certain Many Want to Know! Please Explain..Please Post on FB for all of us who are shaking our heads calling this Rediculous and B.S.! WOW Bad, Bad Call! To this young man, Good for you and thank you for speaking up, in a very professional way, how many of us feel at this time! If it wasn’t, it would Not have gone viral so now it is Very Apparent Facebook CEO,s must Not Agree with what you said because there was Nothing Suspicious in your speech! They must be happy with what is going on at this time! Wow!! Do Not let FB stop you from speaking your mind. You are a bright young man, we need more young men like yourself. Good For You and Thank You for speaking up in behalf of we Americans who do Not want to loose our Constitution Nor Our Freedom Of Speech!!!

  144. Effie says:

    face book don’t scare me one they can lock me out any time they feel like it ,all u see on here any way ugly Obama face and his big mouth lying about something makes me sick him and his rag head muslims brother hood and liberals ,u know if I was mechael I be a little jealous of his golf clubs he probably sleeps with them every night so they wont be lonely ”’lol”’and the way I feel about CJ is u and brown your brown noser’s are jealous he smarter than u’ll are lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Stan says:

    Great job,he’s right on ,many African Americans know what Obama stands for and all the muslims he has in his gang that’s what they want get in the Government and take over the country if they can. even his top evil advisor is from Iran,her family lives there ,there’s even a terrorist from the muslim brotherhood,wake up America times getting short something has to be done to stop this Obama NOW.

  146. Kristen says:

    Regardless of whether his opinion was right or not (and I believe it is), Facebook was right to block his account as he is not 13 years old, and was therefore breaking the rules of being on Facebook in the first place.

    Just because others do it and get away with it, does no make it right…Everyone is making a big deal in the media as to his age, so of course Facebook caught him.

  147. Russell says:

    He hit the goof on the head.

  148. Jackie says:

    I don’t know any 12 year olds with a voice that deep!

  149. Len says:

    Wow! What a great kid. 12 years old and he has the ability to see the truth and establish his own ideas. He is better spoken and makes more sense than 99% of the people that I know and absolutely 100 of all politicians I’ve heard. I’d rather have him in The White House now than it’s current occupant. He certainly makes more sense and he speaks clearly and concisely. He uses few words to make a very clear point unlike our sitting president who is all over the place with his diatribes that say nothing. Too bad young Mister Pearson is only 12 as I’d vote for him today. God bless his parents who raised such a brilliant young man AND allowed him to form his own opinions. I’ll be looking for him in the future if this president doesn’t bring us to Communism first. C.J. God bless you and keep up the GOOD FIGHT, America needs more youths like you.

  150. Jean says:

    You go CJ. I agree with you 100 percent. The Mayor, once again, showed an extreme amount of courage in saying what he did about Obama. You also are a very bright and courageous young man.

  151. Teresa says:

    I believe Facebook was wrong to censor CJ…when someone blocks a point of view, that’s censorship.
    From the dictionary: ” (in early Freudian dream theory) the force that represses ideas, impulses, and feelings, and prevents them from entering consciousness in their original, pundisguised forms.” It’s a shame Facebook wasn’t big enough to let the voice of such an intelligent young man to have his voice heard. Good for Fox!!!

  152. Teresa says:

    I believe Facebook was wrong to censor CJ…when someone blocks a point of view, that’s censorship.
    From the dictionary: ” (in early Freudian dream theory) the force that represses ideas, impulses, and feelings, and prevents them from entering consciousness in their original, undisguised forms.” It’s a shame Facebook wasn’t big enough to let the voice of such an intelligent young man to have his voice heard. Good for Fox!!!

  153. Jackie says:

    You best believe there is at least one adult behind this kid’s speech. It is a case of spreading self -hate among blacks. Dissing the president? Share on you America!

    1. Jackie says:

      Supposed to read, “SHAME ON YOU, AMERICA!”

  154. Michelle says:

    I don’t know where you all get the idea that Facebook is private cause it is not. Facebook is a part of social media that means it is a public forum. So what Facebook has done to this young man is CENSORSHIP. And it must be stopped. Just because you may not agree with someone’s opinion does NOT give them the right to try to silence that person. EVERYONE, man, woman, AND child has the right to voice that opinion.

  155. Donna says:

    This Boy CJ Pearson hit dead on with everything he said. I agree with him; I guess I’m next to get locked out of facebook who cares. He’s right.

  156. Donna says:

    “They” are afraid of anyone who disagrees with them………even a 12-year-old? Ridiculous and outrageous!

  157. Donna says:

    I believe it was wrong for FB to do that. We live in America where we have the right to free speech and opinions! That’s just plain wrong! Shame on you FB. I think we need to boycott FB and start up a new social site to replace FB so they aren’t the only one! But it has to be very much similar so people will now how to do it with ease to be able to change over simply! I’m really sick of their arrogance!

  158. Tom says:

    That kid really knows what’s going on. I can’t believe that Facebook would close his account. Facebook thinks they can do whatever they want. Sc**w them.

  159. Stanley says:

    I agree with this young man. He is very well educated and well spoken.

  160. Steve says:

    I have noticed that facebook will block content that they don’t politically agree with.

  161. Tammy says:

    Im sorry but I would vote for cj pearson before I would Obama. just from what I heard I think he would do a hell of a lot better.

  162. Beckey says:

    Facebook has no right. I bet that shutdown came from pressure from the oval office. LOL!

  163. Tom says:

    This Young Man had the very same rights as anyone else using their access page on Facebook to post his opinions without censorship and being blocked out of his account. Wrong all the way through this badly done error by Facebook. Un-block his account let him post his opinions like anyone else. Having something to say of Barack Hussein Obama whether positive or negative still is one’s freedom of speech.

  164. Larry says:

    Anyone or corporation that says what you can say or what opinion you can have is a form of censorship. Wake up people or you will be living in a communist form of government.

  165. Stephen says:

    He is a genius. Also, since when is censorship only censorship when the government does it? Look it up. I did on the ACLU website. Private groups also censor, especially liberal ones! FORCE, CONTROL, that’s liberalism. They are control freaks.

  166. Terry says:

    Obviously, Facebook cannot handle the REAL truth about Obama and his cronies. C.J. Pearson is a very intelligent young man and has a bright future ahead of him. Keep up the good work, C.J.!! God Bless you!!

  167. Shawn says:

    I applaud this young man. I hope he continues to take interest in politics & someday becomes our true first black President. We certainly need a leader right now.

  168. Marie says:

    i hope this kids parents are PROUD of him-even if they are democrats!! tell it like it is-like rudy did takes courage!! and see h ow many people agree with the both of them!! i applaud them both!!!

  169. Justin says:

    Facebook has always been in the censorship business. If they don’t like your views then they shut you down.
    What the kid said is true, Obama hates America. Facts bear this out only a fool couldn’t see this.

  170. Nancy says:

    I think it’s pretty sad that facebook would lock out this kid for voicing his opinion and yet I’ve seen so many threatening facebook posts that those who run it find nothing wrong with. He gave his opinion and didn’t threaten anyone. I guess if you don’t share a liberal opinion with those in charge of facebook you aren’t allowed 1st amendment rights.

  171. Aaron says:

    No matter how much people want it to be, the United States is not a Christian nation. Sorry, guys, but this is, by design, a secular country, founded by mostly deists who, if the ties had permitted it, would have been atheists.

  172. Burton says:

    This makes me feel proud , that a young man would state just how he felt about the unjust slurs that had been directed at Mayor Giuliani say that he was a racist. He isn’t a racist, for speaking his mind concerning the present administration which is totally inept, and corrupt to the core. The future is bright if more of our youth don’t fall for the liberal line of crap. God Bless You fellow.

  173. Tracy says:

    Facebook…….. Shame on you!!!!!

  174. Donna says:

    Facebook, like other mainstream venues of communication, does not like conservative viewpoints. It’s the mainstream position in these evil days.

  175. Gerald says:

    I don’t care how you try to spin it in you liberal little head, any time any organization stops anyone from making a comment about any thing they choose…. that is censorship. It is not facebooks place to say what constitutes social commentary and what does not. Restore this young man’s account and let him say what needs to be said.

    1. Jackie says:

      So, now we need a 12 year old to lead us? Let a kid be a kid. You will take his innocents soon enough. This is totally out of place for a child of his age. Plus, some paranoid fool might come along and shoot him because they feel he is taking blacks in the right direction.

      1. Jackie says:

        How do you edit these comments? I sure didn’t mean to say “innocents” in the place of “innocence.”

  176. Prento says:

    Poor kid. They conditioned him with FUX non-news LIES and talking points and made an ass out of him. Typical RuepubliCONs

  177. Stuart says:

    SomeoObama worshiper working at Facebook is being a racist.

  178. Holly says:

    Facebook stinks

  179. Charlyene says:

    Ok Facebook…who is pulling the strings on this one??? This young man is very bright and very articulate in what he has to say…he also didn’t use any bad language…he just calmly walked up to the microphone and said what was in heart and on his mind. It is wrong what was done to him and needs to be reversed immediately!

  180. Gene says:

    This is a real 100% red blooded AMERICAN PATRIOT, he is brave and courageous enough to voice his opinion, and of course those radical liberals hate because as we all know the TRUTH IS HATE TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH, this young man has my greatest respect for what he has done, good for him and BLESS him for his courage!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Jessica says:

    I applaud this young mans patriotic speech. He is right!

  182. Paul says:


    1. Jackie says:

      They are watching everything we do. Ever notice how erratic these discussion pages act?

  183. Judy says:

    Yes. He’s a very smart young man who is telling it like it is. He is going to go far in life.

  184. Henk says:

    For this young man to observe this and then in return backs up the former Mayor of New York is exemplary. The question I have is whether agreeing with him also makes me subject of being locked out of my account. If everyone reading this would do the same, Facebook would have an awful lot of locking out to do. I’m proud of you CJ.

  185. Theresa says:

    Although I agree with this kid’s sentiments, if he’s 12 years old, he doesn’t have the right to have a Facebook account in the first place.

  186. Ruby says:

    so typical – CHEAP SHOT by the LIBERAL LOONS because they didn’t like something – poor, sad creatures! They’re the ones that end up looking like poo poo losers in the end..sore, sore losers..CJ is a hero! And the CJs of America are only starting to spring up so LOONS, hold on to your hats – it’s gonna be a SCARY RIDE!!

  187. Lee says:

    Hell, I’d vote for him!

  188. Deborah says:

    This kid better watch out. 12 years old or not when you speak this eloquently and this passionately against liberals they will come gunning for you. The facebook page is just the beginning. BUT I have a feeling this kid is going to grow up to be liberal worst nightmare. Because he has everything Obama has and more.

    1. Jackie says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, but let the kid be a kid first.

  189. Sheri says:

    SO…..I guess if BO DID have a son, He wouldn’t look like “this” boy????? ROFL
    Do not anger the thin skinned little man in the WH, don’t make him come off that golf course and deal with you. haha Can’t wait until the WH door pops BO’s bl/wh skinny behind on the way out the door! PARTY!!!!!!

    1. Jackie says:

      I too will be glad when Obama is out of office. The man was not ready for America. He deserves a rest from the hate-mongers. Can’t wait for the white-suits to get back in. We will have war all over the fn place. Just watch and see. Don’t forget what we talked about, okay?

  190. 724willy says:

    Brilliant kid, atrocious facebook act. What else can be expected from a propaganda arm of the left
    The one responsible should be terminated.
    Facebook needs competition

  191. Sharon says:

    This young man is as smart as they come. And, I agree 100% with his statement. I’m sick of FB censoring things that are only offensive to liberals, but could care less if it offends conservatives & Christians. When I complained about the page set up about killing that cheerleader that is an avid hunter, they said it didn’t violate their policy. So it’s ok to suggest killing somebody, but not criticize Obama? If there was another decent social media page that didn’t have problem after problem, I’d sign up, & kick FB to the curb!

  192. Maureen says:

    So sad that a young person gets to see the danger of censorship at such a young age!

  193. Jane says:

    This young man is exceptional. Now he has to show what Obama is doing to censor people for free speech. We are turning the laws of this country around by what Obama deems right and wrong. What he says and does is right and anyone who opposes him is wrong. I applaud this young man for speaking up when so many will not for fear of being called racist. Obama is this countries worst enemy.

  194. Donna says:

    WE live in America and this young man had every right to say how he feels. He is the one that will be paying in the future. Facebook had no right. I hope this young man shouts it from the roof tops and on every radio and TV show that invites him. He may be our future president. .
    Great going, young man. You are on your way!

    1. Ruby says:

      he’s definitely got more courage than all of the bonehead dems in the WH combined! I think he needs to teach them a lesson or two, or three or …

  195. Verona says:

    I saw this yesterday and said I would stay off of Facebook for a while, then was told it was back on what gives with Facebook. This young man said what He felt in His heart and did not say or do any thing wrong. If Facebook wants to stay on line they should watch who and what they censor. I believe in Freedom of Speech . This young man is so on the mark, He makes Obama look like a child. Go getum Tiger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Gaylen says:

    Why is Islam and assault on Christianity? Is it because Islam is an assault on all religion? I don’t remember Bush every saying he loved this country either.

  197. Billy J says:

    What Face Book did was WRONG , and they should reverse the wrong they did. I agree with C.J. He is absolutely right. But to show him ( President ) any wrong doing or his religion, which is muslim. you are considered a threat to the country, if this isn’t censorship I don’t know what is.

  198. Linda says:


  199. Kathy says:

    After all this is America the land of free speech BUT i guess I may be wrong FACEBOOK clean up your act

  200. Gerald says:

    This will all be moot going forward now that Barry and his commie cohorts in congress have net neutrality in their hip pockets to thwart any semblance of freedom of speech on the Internet. History has proven time and time again that dictatorships always begin with the control and subjugation of the media–the press, film, communications, and such–in the name of fairness to all. Look and see how those societies faired in expressing freedom of speech in the public forum. Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China are testaments to what big governments are capable of doing to suppress the voices of the people. Barry and his dem allies are merely aiming to travel the same pattern of silencing those who do not blindly follow their sick and twisted philosophy and ideals. Once the socialist and commie horde quash the constitution the next step is to eliminate all resistance via re-education centers in the form of gulags, concentration camps, and reservations. Sounds to far fetched? Try asking those who lived through the nightmare in Germany, Russia, China, North Korea, Cambodia from the 1930s through the 1980s and on to the present.

  201. ed says:

    I disagree with what FB did but it seems like if it’s a hot topic or possibly a hit against a politician or the govt itself someone gets a call at FB and surprisingly the person’s account is affected. Yeah…net neutrality…just a sign of things to come…suppress what is not inline with authority or feed em crap and keep em in the dark…..aka mushrooms.

  202. Tooty says:

    I believe in freedom of speech period. The government has made people afraid to express their opinions and thus facebook need to check for suspicious activity of a 12 year old. This is just plain stupid, it should not have anything to do with politics, just an opinion, which I happen to agree with. Rudy was spot on and we dare not call Obama out!!!!! Really ISIS is a terrorist organization made up of Muslims, out to destroy everything and everyone who does not bow to the prophet!!!!

  203. Conrad says:

    This young man says somebody’s doing something right in raising and educating their children. I’d like to see about a 100,000,000 more like him! He also stands as clear evidence that all black folks aren’t as stupid as the Dimocrats try to keep them. His treatment by facebook, however, says their managment has been drinking the wrong kool-aid and/or inhaling too much of Obama’s Methane, thinking it’s weed.

  204. Fred says:

    WOW, If that is all you have to do so you can end your Facebook account and never again receive annoying emails saying someone notified you on Facebook…well sign me up so Facebook will delete my account ! I’ve tried everything I could to delete my account, but it keeps coming back like a bad penny. I’m glad the secret is out on how to end Facebook, another scourge on humanity.

  205. Obama is a FRAUD and the people NEED TO KNOW. If you have not yet seen the evidence that proves Obama is not a natural-born Citizen, it is all at the following link on my website. Can YOU dispute the evidence?

  206. Edward says:

    I have been reading most of the comments some of them are ridiculous. Facebook is a public site. They promote violence, humor, nudity, and political views. But the minute a 12 year post a video of how he feels about Obama he gets locked out of his Facebook.

  207. Carlton says:

    people working for facebook that are lib’s block you.

  208. Harold says:

    You know that supporting a negative image of a politition doesn’t set well with his followers; they think he can do no wrong; no matter what he does or who he hurts!

  209. Juanita says:

    Sweet Jane facebook is known for their censorship they are looking out for their investment in Obama

  210. Carlton says:

    What happens is some one who wont like what you posted they flag you and the people at face book will block you. Most of The time its a lib working for facebook who didn’t like your views. They have done the same to me I just respond with you just don’t like free speech.

  211. Linda says:

    We’ve been getting further and further away from FB for a reason. THEY’RE JUST AS BIASED AND DISHONEST AS obama AND HIS COHORTS!!! It’s time EVERYONE saw FB for what they are…this is just one more proof positive for America!

  212. MTnman says:

    Yes, but the school has failed in its English department by not teaching proper syntax. You do not love inanimate objects (America, buildings, cars, etc..). You “like” them. You love your sister, wife, etc.. It would be more nearly correct to say, “Obama does not like America.” A declaration more citizens can agree with. Using “love” is a rhetorical political hyperbole.

    1. Linda says:

      The federal school program Common Core is failing all of our schools (that have opted to participate), Mtn man! The purpose is to lead this nation towards defeat. No person educated before 1960 would accept the curriculum forced upon our youth through Common Core. Their minds aren’t challenged, in fact they’re being discouraged from thinking for themselves and programmed NOT to think on their own. The public schools are mass producing little robots/sheep. Before you know it we’ll have an entire generation of 2020 nazi zombies!

    2. Garth says:

      Uh, I hate to break it to you, but syntax deals with the arrangement and order of words and phrases, not with word choice.

      And in English, the word “love” can be applied to inanimate objects. “Love of country” is an expression that goes back a long time, and has analogs in nearly every language that I know.

      1. MTnman says:

        Right. So what’s the problem? You do not see the involvement?

  213. Mike says:

    It’s blatently obvious O’bastard hates America & what made it great.

    The enemy within just doesn’t cover this.

  214. Thank you CJ for telling the truth. Facebook is afraid of what you say, so that is why they chose to block you! Very Sad!

  215. What was done to him only proved the power this kid really has otherwise the liberals at Facebook would not have feared him or his message. They’re all tools at Facebook, I have an account and find Facebook is worthless. Suspicious activity, what a joke. There are muslims who commit acts of terror, post their rants and never get so much as a blink.

  216. Deborah says:

    This child is more of a man than the embarrassment taking up space in Our House!

  217. Rick Flash says:

    Not surprising that the mentality of the readers of this site is the same as a 12-year-old’s. And no sources at all, of course. Enjoy your fantasy world!

  218. CirclingtheDrain says:

    This young man is very well spoken for a 12 year old. I hope my child is as well spoken when she reaches 12. WOW!!! I also have to commend him for his courage to speak his mind no matter who might agree or disagree. Mr. Pearson, you are a shining light in the darkness!!!

  219. Arkady says:

    Clever boy!
    Stupid Facebook…

  220. tutumama says:

    His parents should be very proud of this young man. They apparently taught him to think for himself. I applaud him for his stand. I stopped going on facebook a long time ago…but didn’t certain government employees lose their jobs due to their unwise posts on places like facebook? Just saying…….

  221. Merle says:

    It was great to see, hear, CJ’s video, has I too shared his wise words. :) I’m sure many, of the right persuasion, and fb posts, they too have experienced censorship by fb, posts disappearing. Just look at its investor arms, and close alliance to Dems. When not fitting their democratic agenda, even the free speech rights afforded the public, they depend on, they write the laws.

  222. drbhelthi says:

    Sad that this intelligent young man isn´t qualified to run for the U.S. Presidency.
    Looking at the last four presdents, and current contenders, adult age certainly doesnt qualify one for the presidency.
    On the other hand, have 3 of the previous been genuinely qualified? The alias, Barack H. Obama a foreign alien, the alias George H. W. Bush a foreign alien, George W. Bush born in the U.S. of non-American parents.
    As Bush Sr. remarked in June 1992 to Sarah McClendon, the Grandam of the Washington White House Press Corps, when she asked Bush what will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran-Contra? George H W Bush Replied: “Sarah, If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.”
    That may be the only honest statement the alias, George H. W. Bush has ever made.

  223. Helen says:

    This young man is bright and not influenced by anyone. Even his parents who are both Dems, His parents must be proud of his convictions. They have raised an amazing child. I’ll vote for him anytime!!!

    1. Aaron says:

      Someone must have convinced him this is somehow a Christian nation. Wonder who?

  224. OhWell says:

    Really? You want comments? Okay, I’ll bite:

    Why blame Facebook? How can this be deemed noteworthy when it’s just more of the same? If you want to take note of something, how about the federal actions that exceed traditional lines of authority? Directives that defy the courts? The reality of BOTH political parties that simply ignore popular opinion? An incredibly derelict press that tells us nothing about what we need to know…driving one and all to the internet to find “news”…while the government then adopts regulations to control content there, as well?

    Where is the outrag–er, pushba–okay, whimper about the current administration’s relentless march towards institutionalizing communications, content and demographics in favor of anybody not of a particular political persuasion? If the public-at-large doesn’t care, why call the question?

    Other than Fox News–regardless of what you or I think of them–has ANYBODY so much as squeaked about the FCC’s adoption of language that–just like Obamacare–no one has been allowed to read? Anyone? John Stewart? Bill Maher? Chris Matthews (once his pantleg dries)?

    Oh, wait a minute, Limbaugh has. But we’re supposed to ignore he and anyone else not dazzled by race in the White House because…because…well, BECAUSE! This is a MOVEMENT, darn it!

    I’m not a Millenial. But, the sheer abdication of reporting ethics…imposition of unabashed double standards…abject failure to report much of anything…would drive me to the same conclusion members of that generation have reached:

    1. Facebook, while technologically magnificent, is, in the end, just another filter. Nothing more.
    2. You just can’t rely on traditional American press anymore. Period.
    3. Everything but what I do, touch and hold dear is but a game controlled by others.

    So, we wait. For the world to change. Which, incredibly, makes Mr. John Mayer’s lyrics brilliantly prescient.

    The only thing more shocking than what we’re all witnessing is what we’re not: There’s not even so much as a whimper of protest.

    Silence is not approval, but it is an opportunity. Who can blame those in power for seizing it?

    Maybe the Millennials will just sort it all out later. You know, when the American Dream–and those of us left breathless by the sudden fragility of generations of expectations–are simply dead…and America is just another country…

    To focus on Facebook in this instance is to notice the shiny penny on the sidewalk…as the road behind you is filled with those emptying Fort Knox.

    Oh, wait a minute, the world press is reporting Fort Know was emptied years ago. No, that can’t be true: I haven’t seen that reported here, right?

  225. Tom says:

    Well, I just shared this article on Facebook. Guess they’ll be blocking my account next, but this is nothing new. I’ve been outing Obama’s criminality and treasons and that of his buddies, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Kagan, Holder, Learner and several others for a long time now. Facebook’s response has been consistent in pulling down my writings and sending me notices that I could be kicked out of their systems due to my free and provably very accurate speech. Just goes to show just how deeply rooted in the media Obama’s criminal accomplices are.

  226. Marty says:

    I had the same thing done to me, but I think there is a positive side to everything, before long people will not go on there do to thinking they have to watch what they say, not to offend Facebook or their political beliefs. So payback is a beach.

  227. Nancy says:

    The courage, the way he articulates and his independent thinking indicates to me he must have great parents to raise such a wonderful young man. He has wonderful wisdom way beyond his years. With dedication to right living, living responsibly and a good education there could be so many more young people of Mr. Pearson’s character.

    I look forward to seeing him as a star in the political arena in the not too distant future. Whatever he decides to do I know he will be a great success. Maybe we have another young man to follow in the footsteps of Ben Carson..

  228. oldgringo says:


  229. Palmer says:

    Not censorship. He is not “locked out”. There is no “retaliation” by Facebook or anyone else.

    Nice young man who is reciting what he has been told and rehearsed. We will see stories in about 5 or 6 years how was put up to it and directed what to say.

  230. Max7952 says:

    How to scare the hell out of the Socialist Democrats and Obama? Have the youth of the
    nation wake up and make videos exposing the lies and corruption of their party.

    1. Noah says:

      You are so correct Sir! That is why so many young Republicans are defecting to the Democrats and Libertarians. That Republican tent is getting smaller and smaller.

  231. Benton says:

    Brilliant articulate young man who needs a full ride scholarship to a conservative Christian university. He has wisdom beyond his age. In these days, righteous thinking is considered to be error by social media and wrong thinking is considered to be correct thinking in this meme. Personally I think Facebook has abridged to Article One of the Bill of Rights but Facebook’s primary stockholder is a friend of the President so this is what can be expected.

  232. George says:

    Censorship, as defined by the left, is not the bastion of government alone. Just ask a baker who doesn’t want to make a cake for a homosexual wedding who tries to explain their views. Censorship is the weapon of the owner of the communication gateway, whomever it might be – government or otherwise.

    1. Faye says:

      SweetJane, what would you call it if not “censorship?”
      Meaning of censorship: “The practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts.” It didn’t mention anything about the government!

  233. Ray says:

    Smart kid. Hope he grows up to be president and erases the harm Obama has decided to institute.

    1. oldgringo says:

      You are so correct…This kid is only 12 years old and he has more brains than Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and Fahrnakan all combined…I predict this kid has a great future ahead of him…May we all wish him well.

      1. Jim says:

        Unless some white cop shoots him then it will be all the black kids fault and he deserved it.

        1. Sharon says:

          There’s too many being shot by the police these days, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. And, not all the cops doing the shooting are white. But, the only time the media is all over it, is when a white cop shoots a black person. Personally, if I were a cop, & somebody had what looked like a gun in their hands, I’d shoot first, & ask questions later. Are there cops that are racist? Absolutely, but the majority are not. But, lately, there’ve been too many stories online about cops shooting unarmed, defenseless people.

        2. Jeff says:

          That was really a dumb response Jim. I guess we should expect that type of silliness from you. I suppose you think the cop in Ferguson was wrong even though the much biased DOJ could not fine evidence to prove otherwise but you cop haters are still claiming his hands were in the air. How pitiful your types are.Hopefully the time will come when you need a cop and there will not be one there for you.

        3. Jerome says:

          Jim, you are obviously a man of limited intelligence, actually that comment puts you right in there with the moron and imbecile category. Go back to school, quit whining about how oppressed Blacks are in today’s society. Every Black kid in America has the exact same opportunities as any other race. Perhaps the lack of a father figure in your family is partially to blame for your ignorance. Whatever your problem is, White cops and White people had nothing to do with it.

        4. Dan says:

          He would never be shot by the police unless he did something stupid like commit a crime, assault a cop, and then perhaps try to take away the cop’s gun. Or unless he broke into someone’s house and threatened them with violence. Or committed a crime with a weapon and was confronted by a cop. And if he did any of these things he would definitely get shot, as he should be. It is pretty simple. Avoid getting shot. Don’t commit a crime.

        5. Dorie says:

          The police do not shoot anyone without justification. Sometimes their justification is slim, or not grounded in actual facts, but if you had to do their job, you would be investigated as much as they are. It is only natural that in trying- to keep the peace, there are antagonistic people who like to push the envelope. We did not have an issue with it 50 years ago. Apparently, we want to eliminate police officers from the government. Then who will protect and serve you?

          1. Noah says:

            You must be delusional if you think this was not a problem 50 years ago. Fifty years ago black people demanded there civil rights. And it was very ugly what the police did to them.

    2. Henry says:

      Pearson for president! He’s got more of what it takes to be president than the present occupier of our White House.
      And BTW shame, shame on Facebook.

    3. Bert says:

      Our future President has spoken.

    4. Aaron says:

      Too bad he is living under the delusion that this is a Christian nation.

  234. Grizz says:

    CJ Pearson, what was wrong with his facebook? well for one——————————————–then there——————— and———————————- Obama—————————-suspect———

  235. SweetJane says:

    While I disagree with what Facebook did and think it needs to be reversed I also want to point out that this is not censorship. Facebook is not a government entity.

    1. Grizz says:

      They sure seem to be. Maybe not a government agency, yet. An arm of the Ministry of Truth, yes.

      1. Dave says:

        Yep, in conjunction with the thought police.

        1. GeraldineKNye says:

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    2. oldgringo says:

      How sweet of you Jane…With censorship of free speech like this who need the government to inferfere with our 1st amendment rights…Wait…They are doing this right now…6 out of our first 10 amendments know as the bill of rights have been compromised by the Democrats…They are working fevorishly to trample our 2nd amendment rights followed by our 1st amendment rights…Which leaves only two amendments the Democrats haven’t yet got around to trashing…Incidentally I am banned from the Huff Post for using the word CommieCRat too many times in my comments…Sucky Darn…And I was having so much fun with all those liberals on Huff Post who hated my guts for my anti-communistic comments.

      1. Jim says:

        Actually you were banned for using juvenile name calling. People on huffing on post discuss topics without the need to revert to grade 3 name calling

        1. Steve says:

          Jim, how precious. On the Huff I’ve been called a great many malicious and foul names by liberals and they are allowed to do so at will. I don’t mind, it only proves how credulous they are, but to say the Huff is some how above the fray of name calling is false.

        2. Jeff says:

          Actually Jim You liberals are the biggest name callers when posting

        3. Herb says:

          Jeffr, you are lying, the libs call conservatives all kinds of name in their effort to shut the truth down and huffpo does nothing about them.

        4. Nathan says:

          Since when?? Disagree with a single comment on that liberal rag and they ALL call you childish names. They insult and bring your intelligence into question because you don’t fit into their molds. The Huffington Post IS for grade schoolers.

          1. Josheph says:

            Won’t you be questioning their intelligence.

        5. Hanna says:

          jim your response about the people on huff post making comments without name calling is inaccurate. I have read many off the wall names before and actually the people who got called the names deserved them to say the least.

        6. rockethtown says:

          Jim your a dumb libtard get out of here freak

      2. Kerwin says:

        Luckily, they have many more sites to harass!

      3. Dorie says:

        I was banned from Huff Post as well. No explanation for what I did wrong. I guess I was winning the discussions and looking too good so they had to get rid of anyone with intelligence. When you ban someone’s free speech, it does hurt your credibility. And yes, the liberals called me every name in the book. I was the one who kept saying that we need to keep things on the subject matter and not get into childish name calling. So it is not for being in any way morally correct that they did their lobbing off Christian conservatives. It is because they cannot stand to look like they are in the wrong, and are backing the wrong side.

      4. Josheph says:

        They hate it when you put down comrad Obama and comrad Biden.

    3. Marty says:

      What exactly is censorship if this isn’t it, as long as people are civil, they made this a public forum not a political one.

      1. Josheph says:

        Because he blasphemied the annoy-ted one el presidente for life emBARRAS Obama. Our most beloved leader.

    4. Henry says:

      Of course this is censorship. Facebook is in the public arena.

      1. Warren says:

        Disagreeable as their actions might have been, they certainly had the right to do what they did. THEY ARE A PRIVATE CONCERN. Their actions are none of your business. Mind your own business. However, if you’re really upset, you might cancel your membership. They won’t know, or care, but it might make you feel better. I cancelled my participation in Mozilla’s Firefox when they fired their CEO for being for hetrosexual marriage. It didn’t hurt them one bit, but I felt a little purer and more honorable.

        1. Christopher says:

          Warren, I agree with you 100% about private companies having the right to block people they disagree with concerning their own private company even though it’s in the private sector however there are Christian businesses who are forced to serve people when it is in direct conflict with their Christian beliefs. Hobby Lobby is a prime example. There are several others. Another example is a Christian couple somewhere like Arizona who owned a photography company and refused to photograph a homosexual couple’s wedding. They sued the Christian couple for standing by their religious principles and some moronic judge ruled in favor of the homosexuals. My opinion is, liberal or conservative, a private company should have the right to serve whoever they wish. It doesn’t seem to work out that way if you stand by your moral principles.

          1. Christopher says:

            I meant public sector. Sorry.

        2. Nathan says:

          With all the anti Obama stuff on FB, why block this one child’s views? Why? Easy answer. He is an intelligent young black man that doesn’t share Obama’s idiology. He is willing to point out Obama’s flawed policy and in doing so removed himself from Obama’s racist packed mold of what a young black person must be. I have doneand said far worse about Obama on FB to no avail. But I am just a fat white dude. This kid had to be stopped because what if others listened to him and discovered the truth.

          1. Louis says:

            You are 110% correct. Libs, especially black libs, hate not only the speech but the black individual for the conservative thought. They are supposed to blindly follow, not have a personal and reasoned thought of their own.

          2. Laura says:

            Facebook hasn’t blocked the video… I just watched it on fb, however, the suspended his account since he is 12 and terms of service and laws require Facebook users to be 13. If his parent posted it and said, “look what my kid thinks”, rather than the account being in his name the account wouldn’t have been suspended.

          3. Hanna says:

            Nathan I liked your comment about this young man being an intelligent young black kid and he truly is just that. what you said was true. it was about him taking a stand against obamas ideology and what he stands for. that young man made me feel so proud of him..we need more who can express themselves as well as he did.

        3. Al says:

          This certainly IS censorship! When a public forum decides what is acceptable speech or what is NOT acceptable speech, they are trampling on the First Amendment. Sure, I see a lot of posts, some of which piss me off! But as Americans, we have the RIGHT to free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution. And if you interfere with that right, you are using censorship! What’s next? A list of APPROVED books that we can read?

      2. Ronnie says:

        Warren censorship is our business. It is truly unfortunate that we have people here who have two standards when it comes to freedom of speech and the first amendment. One for them-_the radical leftists- and one for everybody else.

      3. The Bill of Rights only applies to Congress, and the gov’t. Not the internet.

        If you’re really such a champion of Free Speech, then try to tell McDonald’s your right to no shoes and no shirt is protected by the first amendment.

        Let me know how that goes for you.

    5. SweetJane I guess you do not understand censorship or reprisals. They come in many forms and I suggest you study history. The rise of the Third Reich is good place to start. You do not need to be a “government entity” to be a tool of repression, just a liberal left progressive entity with the means to act on another’s behalf.

    6. Jay says:

      Dear SweetJane, censorship is censorship regardless of who does it. There are provisions in law preventing the government from most forms of censorship, foremost among those is the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and not much to prevent private entities from censoring what and when they can censor what they will allow to be said or written in or on media they control. For instance, there is nothing to compel a newspaper to publish a letter to the editor you send to them, on the other hand pressure can be exerted through various means, like boycotts, to bring attention to what any of media restricts or allows. For example, I’m seriously considering closing my Facebook account if it does not reverse its’ decision on this matter.

    7. When you try to censor someone’s opinion to hide something from the public that is contrary to your agenda (Carrying Obama’s water) then that is 100% censorship for gain! They are afraid that CJ’s TRUTH will rub on on the STUPID people and they may learn something. THEY CAN’T HAVE, CAN THEY? No, so instead they CENSOR!

      1. Noah says:

        Well there must be a lot of stupid liberals in the USA! They voted for President Obama overwhelmingly in two elections. There is one thing the good old white racist’s hate. And that is an inferior black man in the white house! Don’t that just make your blood boil?

        1. Toni says:

          Noah, The color of his skin isnt what makes ones blood boil, its all the tranni, treasoness, liar, fraud, murderer that he’s gotten away with for the last 6 yrs. that makes American conservatives blood boil!! He could be a white potus and do what he’s doing to America and we would have the same opinion. America has made major changes in this nation to love our neighbor, wether he’s white, Black, Yellow, Tan. We have learned in our values that everyone in the world bleeds red when cut. And civilized human beings. We truly regret what our past founders practiced, and those issues do not exist today, not legally anyway. And if it is going on its a felony and needs to be reported.

        2. Seamore says:

          Noah, how can you call us racist when the person we’re defending is black…? How did Kenyan’s comment have anything to do with race? Isn’t it racist to see things only through race goggles and not judge a person by their character and actions? And even if Americans voted “overwhelmingly” for Obama, that doesn’t mean they’re right. That would fall under the argumentum ad populum fallacy. Now instead of attacking a person’s character and rendering serious words meaningless, how about we have a rational discussion? But if we’re going to play the you calling people who disagree with you a racist bigot intolerant sexist homophobe etc etc game, then I’m not interested.

    8. Mark says:

      You aren’t too smart! Censoring is not just done by the government. It is and has been done by Facebook. So you don’t know the definition of censoring! Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions.

    9. Patricia says:

      Censorship doesn’t have to be from the government. Where did that idea come from?

    10. Sheri says:

      FB, shame on you! This is America right???? Free speech, right???? Hmmmmm

    11. Sharon says:

      And, Jane, not just the government censors people’s freedom of speech. FB is bad about censoring anything that’s negative to Obama, but will allow the jihadis to post all they want on there.

      1. Noah says:

        That is an outright lie! I see the bad post’s about Obama all the time. And I just click on I don’t want to see this. It goes away simple as that. Maybe enough people clicked on I don’t want to see this so many times they flagged it!

    12. I’m calling Bull$h!t Jane…. the communist in charge just had the FCC call the internet a ‘public utility’ of which FB cannot function as intended without using the internet…. so… Most DEFINITELY CENSORSHIP.

    13. Stephanie says:

      facebook hypocrisy!! you should see all the scum insulting bush!! yet fb doesn’t censor that!

      1. Noah says:

        That is because Bush and Chenny diverse it! They are war criminals! But Obama don’t want to tarnish the Presidency.

    14. David says:

      the founder of facebook has ties with cia among others

    15. Len says:

      Sweetjane – Who says that only the government can censor. He was censored pure and simple. Try to be like C.J. and think for yourself. We hear your brainwashed drivel every day. Wake-up. The press censors, T.V. and radio censor and every blog censors as do magazines, periodicals. As i said before PURE and SIMPLE. Pure like C.J.’s thoughts and SIMPLE like your mind. You can learn a lot from this 12 year old young man.

    16. Michael says:

      It is censorship. It’s just that as a private entity Facebook can censor, legally.

    17. Alice says:

      Face book takes it’s marching orders from Google & they take theirs from the fed’s.
      This young man would make any parent’s proud. God save him from obama and his gang of criminals.

    18. Roberta says:

      Facebook calls itself a social media. Since FB ran Rudy’s accusations publicly then it became fair game to agree or disagree publicly. Yes it’s censorship and by accusing him of “suspicious activities ” have now painted a target on his and his family’s back for life. Exactly what made his activities suspicions? Fb does not have the right to label him and call themselves social media. I’m seeing the writing on the wall Facebook must be getting political favors or some very big GIFTS

    19. Voyle says:

      One does not have to be a government entity to commit sensorship. Newspapers are not government entities and neither is cable TV, but both regularly committ sensorship.

    20. Jerome says:

      SweetJane, It is quite naïve of you to think that Facebook is not under the control of the Obama administration. Seriously Jane, wait until the latest “Net Neutrality” takes effect. Then come back and tell us that Facebook isn’t a government entity.

    21. Don says:

      It is censorship by proxy since Zuckerberg is a liberal loon in step with his hero Obozo. Wake up.

    22. riccrouch says:

      Actually this IS censorship. Individuals and/or organizations can censor other individuals. What it is NOT is government depriving an individual of freedom of speech.

    23. Mark says:

      Facebook is in the ‘tank’ for Obama obviously, and afraid of letting dissent out against him. Chickens.

    24. Liza says:

      So Sweet Jane….so now censorship can only be performed by governments? LOL

    25. Jay says:

      Look around facebook, Christians and Republicans are called everything under the Sun, but say something about O and you’re gone in seconds!

    26. DaveT888 says:

      Sorry, my dear, but Censorship is not limited to Gov’t alone. Whether the modern Wikipedia, or the old Merriam-Webster, the definition includes any means of censoring. For example, Merriam-Webster states “1a : the institution, system, or practice of censoring” No mention of Gov’t!

    27. Robert says:

      Jane , it is not only the government that practices censorship, that is only one way, private companies also practice censorship if it is not in their best interests….. so yes Facebook does practice censorship itself…. it is still censorship.

    28. Michael says:

      You are exactly right, Jane.

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