When the never-ending impeachment trial of Donald Trump adjourned on Thursday, Congressman Adam Schiff explained why the President – who is accused of no crime – has to be removed from office.

Schiff said it is because of what Trump might do.

“You can’t trust this president to do what’s right for the country,” Schiff said. The Democrat also said Trump must be removed from office now, “before he continues his efforts to corrupt our next election.”

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His argument assumes that if Trump wins again in 2020, the election results would be inherently tainted.

Democrats No. 1 Mission: Get Trump

Republicans have insisted that Democrats have looked for ways to attack Trump since day one. Of course, Democrats feign innocence. Yet, in his closing remarks Thursday night, Schiff was explicit that his party’s primary mission is to undermine Trump.

“Now, you may be asking how much damage can he really do in the next several months until the election?” Schiff said. “A lot. A lot of damage.”

Schiff continued, “Now, we just saw last week a report that Russia tried to hack or maybe did hack Burisma. OK? I don’t know if they got in; I’m trying to find out, my colleagues on the Intel committee, House and Senate, we’re trying to find out, did the Russians get in, what are the Russians’ plans and intentions?”

“But let’s say they got in,” he said. “And let’s say they start dumping documents to interfere in the next election — let’s say they start dumping some real things they hacked from Burisma; let’s say they start dumping some fake things they didn’t hack from Burisma but they want you to believe they did.”

“Let’s say they start blatantly interfering in our election again to help Donald Trump,” Schiff imagined. “Can you have the least bit of confidence that Donald Trump will stand up to them and protect our national interest over his own personal interest? You know you can’t.”

“Which makes him dangerous to this country,” Schiff insisted. “You know you can’t. You know you can’t count on him. None of us can. None of us can.”

Fear-Mongering Schiff

Schiff did not hesitate to stoke fears even further.

“What happens if China got the message?” Schiff went on. “Now you can say, well, he’s just joking, of course. He didn’t really mean China should investigate the Bidens. You know that’s no joke. Now maybe you could have argued three years ago, when he said, ‘Hey Russia, if you’re listening, hack Hillary’s emails.’ Maybe you could give him a freebee and say he was joking. But now we know better. Hours after he said that, Russia did indeed try to hack Hillary’s emails.”

“There’s no mulligan here when it comes to our national security,” Schiff said, alarmingly.

Schiff blathered on trying to frighten anyone willing to listen. He finally ending with this warning.

“If right doesn’t matter, we’re lost,” he said. “If the truth doesn’t matter, we’re lost. The Framers couldn’t protect us from ourselves if right and truth don’t matter. And you know that what he did was not right.”

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The Mask Has Been Ripped Off Dems

Schiff and his party have been out to get Donald Trump through any means necessary from the beginning. This impeachment trial is simply their latest attempt, thus undermining its credibility severely.

Adam Schiff just said in plain English that his primary goal is to remove Trump, no matter the results of this trial. The mask has been ripped off.

Now, can we finally end this debacle and get on with the business of the country?