This morning, a man named Adam Saleh was kicked out off a Delta flight. In a video that is going VIRAL an already has 200,000 retweets, Saleh claims he was kicked off the flight for speaking Arabic to his grandmother on the phone. There isn’t video of the incident, just the video Saleh and friend’s recorded of him and his friends being kicked off the plane.

Here is the video with Saleh explaining what happened:

Pretty damming and bad form on Delta…but there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical.

For one, there is no evidence of Saleh being told he is being kicked off the plane JUST for speaking Arabic. All we have is a video from his point-of-view complaining and claiming the reason he was kicked off was for racist means. I highly doubt in this day of hyper-PC awareness and EVERYONE having a camera in their hands, that Delta would do something this silly.

But the biggest reason that this incident is probably a hoax is because Saleh himself is is a noted “prankster” and has been caught pulling off several hoaxes, some of whom are similar in nature to this “racist” incident.

Just last week, he claimed he climbed into a suitcase in flew on a flight in the baggage hold, but CCTV footage revealed this to be a hoax:

Two years ago, he claimed him and his friends were “stop and frisked” in New York because they were wearing Muslim-garb. That was also a hoax. It was so poorly received that Radical Islam apologist CAIR demanded an apology from Saleh:

Also, Saleh is currently on a world tour, so a viral incident like this would no-doubt drum-up interest in his events:

It is funny that the media constantly complaining about “fake news” and yet this man is getting wall-to-wall coverage on major networks for his story that, at the very least, should be treated with heavy suspicion.

I am confounded as to why people perpetrate hoaxes like this. In the end, they are only harming their own cause by making actual victims of racial incidents harder to believe.

Is this a hoax? Share your thoughts in the comments!