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Adam Carolla: California Would Care About the Poor “If They Owed Them Money”

Adam Carolla told Tucker Carlson that California officials would care more about the homeless “if they owed them money and could get money from them.”

Carolla: California “Cares Greatly About People Who Have Checkbooks”

Adam Carolla argued that the increase of homelessness in California was due to the “breakdown” of the rule of law. “Nobody wants to enforce laws here,” Carolla said:

California and LA especially have broken the citizens into two groups. There’s the groups that have money, and then there are the empty bags. If you have money, and you’re in that group and you pay your taxes, you’ll get pulled over and get a ticket for not having a front licence plate… But if you’re homeless or illegal or not in the system, then you’re essentially an empty bag, and they can’t get money out of you. In fact, they cost the city money. They would care if they owed them money and they could get money from them, they care greatly about people who have checkbooks, but they’ve really divided the entire city into those who pay and those who can’t. And if you can’t, they’re not that interested.

Carlson quipped that this attitude seemed to be the same one that a predator has when they “look at their dinner” – in that if there’s no meat on their bones, why bother? He pointed out that California is planning to charge poor people half-price for speeding tickets, and that seemed to be some way they were trying to squeeze the poorest for any money.

Carolla agreed, and said the way the system is set up now – the “ultra-rich in California” don’t care about a speeding ticket, and if you’re ultra-poor, “you’re untouchable because you can’t get blood out of a turnip.” The middle class are the ones “who gets the crap kicked out of them here in Los Angeles,” Carolla said. “So we have a million rules for those who play by the rules, and we have no rules for those who have no money and don’t play by the rules.”

“We Started to Mistake Discipline… for Being Mean”

In the 20th Century, New Yorkers used to “uplift immigrants” and give to charities to improve their lot in life, Carlson noted, and asked Carolla why you don’t see this in Los Angeles in the 21st Century.

“If you replace the homeless human beings with homeless dogs, everybody would [help],” Carolla replied. “That’s the wiring of people who live in Los Angeles. Every woman I know, if there were dogs just sleeping out on the street in cardboard boxes or underneath freeway overpasses, they would be on the streets all day every day helping those dogs.”

Carlson asked Carolla what changed in California so that the “human misery” of the homeless camping all over the state was so visible now.

“What changed is we started to mistake discipline in rule of law for being mean.  This sort of like, don’t be mean,” Carolla said:

“Don’t take that homeless guy. Why are you making him go here or why are you arresting him or why are you incarcerating him or why are you putting him in this facility? LA has become this sort of good vibes place… Everyone is scared of being called a bad person… When [the mayors and governors] enforced laws, they weren’t bad people, they were doing what they were elected to do. They’re doing their job. Now, when an official says, ‘we’re going to get rid of this homeless camp,’ it’s like, ‘why are you being a mean person? Why are you being a bad person?’ This is a zeitgeist that is washing over this nation, that a teacher that is expelling a student for being unruly has now become the bad person, not the student, the teacher! We’re turning on the rule of law. We’re turning on the teachers, the coaches, the governors, the mayors, the cops… We turned cops into the bad guys!

Adam Carolla is spot on about the situation in California right now. A combination of a socialist haven that taxes and fines the middle classes out their ears and a society that lets illegal immigrants do as they please without enforcing the law because it’s “mean,” is a deadly one. Californians need to pull their heads out of their rear-ends and start electing some conservatives to fix this mess, stat!