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Actor Antonio Sabato, a Trump Supporter, is Running for Congress in California

Hollywood is famous for being out of touch with “real America.” Hollywood overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton.

However, one actor is fighting back against Hollywood’s liberal ideology. Actor Antonio Sabato Jr., who has had starring roles in Melrose Place and General Hospital, is officially running for Congress against Rep. Julia Brownley (R-CA), in Ventura Country. Sabato has officially filed the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and he’s running on a proud, Pro-Trump platform.

Charles Moran, a GOP strategist and Sabato’s fundraiser, has confirmed he’s running. This is fantastic!

As the LA Times reports, Sabato is a proud conservative who is willing to offer California voters a real choice, something they rarely get:

The 45-year-old was a vocal supporter of President Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and spoke on his behalf at that year’s Republican National Convention. In an interview at the time, he said that that then-President Obama was a Muslim, which is not true. Sabato said afterward that he was blacklisted by Hollywood producers because of his visible support for Trump.

Moran said Sabato has long been interested in politics and public policy, but his experiences at the convention prompted him to consider running for office. Issues he plans to focus on are veterans’ needs and substance abuse, Moran said.

“Being a Republican and with proximity to the White House and Republican leadership, he’s going to be able to get more done — being in the majority, with his notoriety, for the residents of the 26th [Congressional] District,” Moran said.

Sabato became famous in political circles after speaking at the Republican National Convention in 2016 and attacked former President Barack Obama with questions about his background.

California is in serious trouble, and seeing a Hollywood celebrity reject liberalism is a sign that the state may have a brighter future!

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