Outrage Alert! Activists Promote Event to Burn American Flags

Rush Limbaugh predicted liberals would come after the American flag.  Lo and behold – he was right. We must all share this story today with our fellow Americans because the mainstream media won’t.

An activist group is planning to burn American flags in Fort Greene Park in response to the shooting deaths of nine church-goers in Charleston earlier this month — and they’re asking attendees to bring their own flags to burn. How can this act of violence possibly help?

This group is attempting to hijack the Charleston tragedy and SHAME ON THEM. Their vile acts will only serve to disgrace the memory of those who were murdered in Charleston – not honor them. Burning the American flag is a HUGE mistake that is certain to backfire and will not create any sympathy among the general public.

Just so you know what to look out for, the group Disarm NYPD — which is planning the event for July 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the corner of Washington Park and Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene Park — said the American flag represents the same history as the Confederate flag which has been at the center of debate since the June 17 shootings.

“The Confederate flag has long been a symbol of white supremacy, slavery, and Jim Crow,” the group wrote on a Facebook page for the event. “However, the Confederacy lost the war the American flag has unceasingly, from the first day it was ever hung, represented the exact same thing.”

I disagree. Completely.

We hope the NYPD takes this group up on their public invite given it is against New York City parks rules to “kindle, build, maintain, or use a fire in any place, portable receptacle, or grill except in places provided by the Parks Department and so designated by sign or by special permit,” according to the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation’s website. Not that the rules matter much to these folks.

As  coincidence would have it … I was planning a “Burn Your Welfare Check” event in the park that very same day! (But, I will not stoop to their level.)

Neither the NYPD nor Parks Department immediately responded to requests for comment. Share this story and alert your family and friends – we patriots must stick together!

H/T: The Blaze, Facebook

Wayne Dupree

Wayne is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 160K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and over 300K followers on Facebook (@WayneDupreeShow). In 2016, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans by Newsmax.

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  • Not very surprised at the craziness of all this .... Schools & colleges are emphasizing political agendas like never before so should we be surprised that we have more 'activists' that can travel the US than we do people who are willing to get a job and work hard. We have created more political minions that have no idea the sacrifice and hard work of those who have gone before them. It's all about them and 'their view' (actually they are parroting their trainers). True students of history would know better and understand patriotism. The Confederate Flag was a battle flag and the flag that is to unite is the American Flag. It does have significant connections to the battle against slavery (which by the way was led by Republicans) - true civil rights. It does have a place of significance in our history and serves as reminder to never return to that time. I agree with raising the American flag at all government offices, and the Confederate flag should be in our federal museums. Some feel that our fundamental rights are slowly being taken away and the Confederate Flag is a battle flag that represents their frustration. They aren't burning it or stomping on it. They are some of the most patriotic people you will ever meet.

  • .You can certainly tell these hoodlums never attended Church. They used to be arrested for that.
    Very few. Most people love the USA and the flag. Too bad we now have idiots that have nothing better to do with their time, and love drawing attention to their idiot acts.

    • Well, seems to me if the Confederate Flag is a slap in the face to blacks, so is the American flag. Hell, let's burn all of them. Let's rename the White House while we are at it, too, and maybe give it a paint job. Let's also tear down any monument of anyone who has ever been offense to the people. Burn the history books while we are at it, too. We don't need any reminders about the sorry history of this country, from stealing it from the Indians to our pathetic military being beaten by a third world South Vietnam. Let's re-write history the way it should to be told!! And let's make sure it satisfies all minorities while we are at it.

  • I say that as long as we the people act like sheep and let this kind of treason, unpatriotic, traitorous behavior continue, the deterioration of America's standards, moral values, and integrity will continue. There was a time when this country dealt with treason quickly and effectively. If these people hate enough to try to rip the core values out of the heart of this country, maybe they should be permanently banished from the country. Let them see what happens in other countries to traitors. Let them get their eyes opened to the horrors of what is really happening in some of the other countries around the world. Maybe they would come to appreciate what they had. I have no patience or tolerence with the "Political Correctness" BS that the sheep have allowed to overcome the values and standards here. We have become a people where wrong is now considered right and those who are right are considered to be guiltly of hate crimes. We are allowing all of our freedoms to be etched away by the minority of people who, like the squeeky wheel, get all of the oil. The majority of the people refuse to take action....Stand Up And Be Heard! Let the true moral values prevail America! Stop justifying your inaction and do something positive.

  • WOW,
    You can Burn the Flag as freedom of Speech but you dare Not speak out against the Homosexuals, or Obama, and you Cannot Give God the Glory.
    What is wrong?

  • Frankly, I don't have a big problem with these nitwits burning the flag - as long as they are buying them somewhere, and not stealing them (but then, they are the kind of low life that would have no hesitancy to steal them). If they are buying them, they are supporting our flag makers, and that is a good thing! So burn idiots, burn - perhaps you will get a "patriotic high" by sniffing the fumes!

  • Me thinks, you all are missing the point!
    They are gonna burn the American Flag to point out the fact that it also, at the time, stood as a symbol of white supremacy, slavery, and Jim Crow, just like the Confederate Flag! We the people have cleaned up our act since then.

    • STICK to fishing. You are one of the dopeys that share our planet. Too bad your parents found you under a cabbage leaf. Your idocy still stinks.

  • This is the United States and anyone who wants to burn our flag or walk on our flag or anything else needs to be removed at once. They are bastards who have no right being in this country and this is one place they have no right to be. This is the greatest country in the world and for anyone to disrespect our country or our ways they need to be put down like they put down pigs.

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