ABC News Smoked After Claiming Atlanta Riots Were ‘Peaceful Protest’ While Showing Footage of Burning Police Car

ABC News aired footage of a burning police car in Atlanta and noted it was a result of a "peaceful protest" that simply "turned violent."
Screenshot: Twitter Video - @ABC

Glad to see the media has brought back the infamous ‘mostly peaceful protests’ narrative once again.

Riots were raging in downtown Atlanta this past weekend over the shooting of 26-year-old eco-activist Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, whom authorities claim shot and wounded a state trooper tasked with clearing protesters from the site of a new public safety training center. 

Six people were arrested Saturday for their respective roles in the ensuing riots and charged with four felony counts, including domestic terrorism, arson in the first degree, criminal damage in the second degree, and interference with government property.

ABC News, however, since this was a left-wing riot, did their level best to gaslight the public. The outlet tweeted a video underscoring that what happened in Atlanta was merely a “peaceful protest” that simply “turned violent.”

And they did so while at the same time airing footage of a police car engulfed in flames.

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ABC News Calls Atlanta Riots a Peaceful Protest

For those keeping score at home – riots throughout the summer of 2020 involving multiple cities, millions in damage, the killing of police officers and 25 total dead are “mostly peaceful.” Violent riots in Atlanta this past weekend, also peaceful.

But protests that turned into a scuffle at the Capitol by a handful of Trump supporters in January of 2021: Insurrection and the end of our nation as we know it!!!

It should be noted that ABC News can’t even make the dishonest claim that the Atlanta protest simply “turned violent” because there is a record that the activists were demanding a “night of rage” in advance.

“Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies,” one environmental group wrote on social media.

ABC News though is literally rewriting reality before your eyes. And naturally, level-headed observers had some questions about their coverage.

“What do you mean ‘turned violent’?” asked author David Limbaugh. “They promised in advance a night of violence. Can you all tell the truth about anything?”

No, of course they can’t. That’s what makes legacy media in this country the biggest collective group of liars known to man. Right up there with the FBI and the current White House.

Comedian Tim Young slapped ABC with a little dose of reality.

“Pro-tip for you partisan baboons, if something is on fire it’s not a peaceful protest,” another person wrote.

One has to wonder if the burning police car was torched at the hands of people wearing MAGA hats, would ABC News have called it a “peaceful protest” that simply “turned violent” of its own volition?

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Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor Rips Those Who Said Riots Were Peaceful

Just to underscore how absurd ABC News’ take on the riots is, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens fired back at those claiming the anti-police violence was peaceful in any way.

Dickens is a Democrat.

“The crimes range from violence to domestic terrorism to assault battery and some other things,” the mayor told CBS. “But yes, it is violent when someone turns to burn down a police car or breakout windows or have explosives on them.”

ABC News wasn’t the only outfit trying to portray the Atlanta riots as mostly peaceful.

CNN had a guest during their coverage of events that said the riots shouldn’t be labeled “violent” and even went so far as to help raise money for the eco-terrorist who allegedly shot the state trooper.

None of that should be a surprise. CNN is the same outlet that had an on-air graphic that described violent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August of 2020 as “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.”

They ran the chyron even as their national correspondent stood in front of several burning vehicles.

Running cover for arsonists and attempted cop killers isn’t a very good look. It’s why the media remains the biggest threat to the American people this country may ever see.

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