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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Randy says:

    yes one must die to leave our earthly bodies,but to get to heaven you must only believe in God and ask his forgiveness to get to Heaven.

  2. Sruss745 says:

    There is ONLY one way to get into Heaven. That is to accept the sacrifice that Jesus did when he gave himself on the cross for our sins! If we accept Him and ask Him to forgive our sins we are born again and have are spiritually ready to be accepted into Heaven although we won’t go until we die.

  3. William says:

    Children should sit with Parents during preaching hour every Sunday, in time they will learn how one gets saved and is given Grace and lives for the Lord .

  4. Mary says:

    The penalty for he first Sin against God is DEATH! To get to Heaven all one has to do is confess their sins to Jesus, ask Jesus Christ to come into their Hearts, acknowledge that Jesus is the SON of God, Confess that Jesus died on the Cross for OUR sins AND that Jesus was REURRECTED to Ascend to Heaven to be with GOD! The children are correct when they say on must “die”; that is to leave our Earthy bodies! God Bless The USA and Her Defenders!

  5. GuessWho says:

    Well, either that of be around when Christ returns.

  6. SmoothRide says:

    John 3:16
    “Whosoever believeth in Jesus Christ shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life.”

    In other words….believe not only everything that Jesus said…and that Jesus is the Son of One True God…. and that HE alone was given the exclusive authority to exonerate us of all our crimes (sins) against God,… but also, that HE voluntarily suffered and died to pay the price for our sins,…He remained dead for three days,.. and was then resurrected from the dead.

    Indeed, Jesus Christ is more than willing to forgive us of all our sins….but only if we ask Him to do so. Jesus will not simply assume we want to be forgiven and forgive us. Hence, we must ask HIM. Only then is HE faithful to keep is promise and forgive our sins!

    All those who do not ask, will certainly perish.

    God Bless

    1. Luci says:

      He is not a God to FORCE, REQUIRE, THREATEN with annihilation, violence and revolution! Neither does he tease, cajole, tempt, entice, or offer worldly, self-gratifying GIFTS for our souls pleasure! He KNOWS what his compassion, love, forgiveness, mercy, and Marvelous Grace is WORTH! He will distribute it wisely, justly, and totally for those who BELIEVE and obey his will for our lives! What a Great, Powerful, Glorious, TRUE and LIVING God! Who does not have to be “formed by mortal man” to be worshiped! He is a true and living God, having walked on this EARTH as NO Lifeless GOD could ever do! He will NEVER abdicate ANY of his power to mortal men that kill and destroy his children! As he stated in our Bibles, his HEART will not always STRIVE with men! He will never have to strive for mine, because he LIVES there! BLESS his HOLY and RIGHTEOUS NAME! How I love him and am humbly grateful to call myself his child! Not for what “I” have done for HIM but what he has done for ME! Thank you, Bikerman!

  7. Reta says:

    The kid is right. You have to be dead for your spirit to go to the resting place. Then at the resurrection when our creator God and Jesus his son calls us up, we will go to the new body, that he has prepared for us. Our new bodies will never grow old, never any pain, sickness or death ever again.
    Satan will not have any power ever to oppress us anymore.

    1. Luci says:

      Imagine the SHOCK when “every eye shall see him” ascending from Heaven surrounded by a “host of angels”, and Jesus Christ, reviled by man, suffered at the hands of Government, slain as a sin sacrifice for US! The last blood to be shed as a sacrifice for the atonement of sins! He will NOT come from Heaven bound by a depraved EMPIRE, but as the Mighty Conqueror he IS! He will PERSONALLY escort us HOME to be with HIM! Eternally! I feel we are on the very EDGE of the tribulation, Gods word is almost fulfilled, and I am SO looking forward to SEEING his return! But if I leave before he arrives, THAT’S OK too! So exciting to even think about!

      1. Luci says:

        SORRY! Meant to say “DE-scending from Heaven!

  8. catherine says:


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