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A Police Officer Designs a T-SHIRT in Response to The “I Can’t Breathe” Campaign

Left-wing protesters have been wearing shirts which read “I can’t breathe” in response to the death of Eric Garner in New York. NBA stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James also participated by wearing the shirt.

In response, one patriotic Indiana police officer has had enough of the police-bashing, and started selling T-shirts reading “Breathe Easy: Don’t Break the Law.”

An Indiana police officer’s sale of T-shirts reading “Breathe Easy: Don’t Break the Law” is being slammed by city council members as a “dangerous” message that warns “justice is not fair.”

The controversial twist on the “I can’t Breathe” campaign — one intended to protest Eric Garner’s death by a police officer — is meant to spread a message that “police are there for you,” according to the South Bend store owned by Mishawaka Police Corporal Jason Barthel.

via NY Daily News

But as the police officer who designed the shirt said:

“We are not here to do anything negative to the public. We’re here to protect the public and we want you to breathe easy knowing that the police are here to be with you and for you and protect you.”

Here is what the shirt looks like:

This shirt makes a clear and important point about obeying the law. Police are there to protect us and keep our families safe.

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