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A College in THIS State Banned Saggy Pants – This Policy Is Being Called “RACIST”


Most Americans dislike baggy, saggy pants… but is it racist to stop them?

People in Arkansas are furious about a policy at a state university which prohibits pants from hanging down low. And, of course, the policy is being called “racist.”

This is absurd:

When Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas started to punish students for wearing saggy pants on the campus, they quickly began to face accusations of racism.

While the college has yet to officially ban sagging pants in its dress code, signs around the campus warn students that wearing pants below their waist line simply won’t be tolerated.

Because the school has no official dress code, liberals are accusing Henderson of being racist for targeting a clothing style most often associated with black culture.

The college spokeswoman, Tonya Smith, also says signs prohibit profanity and rude behavior along with the sagging pants in order to prevent disruption on campus.

“Our faculty in particular had experienced an increase in inappropriate classroom behaviors that were disturbing the learning environment,” Smith told Inside Higher Ed.

Liberal students who are obsessed with political correctness claim that the signs are a subtle attempt for the school to suppress black culture.

“It’s politically insensitive to certain groups,” said student Kristin Bell to local KATV News. “They felt like they were being targeted.”

Others believe that besides from being racist, instituting a city-wide ban on certain clothing is unconstitutional since it impedes on American’s rights under the First Amendment.

But saggy pants have been targeted before in other states. Ocala, Florida passed a ban on saggy pants in 2014 which was ultimately repealed because of its racist implications and racial targeting of young black men.

via American Overlook

Is there nothing in America that the left won’t turn into a racial issue?

Saggy pants are about decency and respect. Women shouldn’t be subjected to men’s rear ends hanging out of pants.

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