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To Commemorate 9/11, James Woods Shares Brutal Hillary Clinton Tweet

Famous conservative actor James Woods brilliantly used former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s own words to embarrass her in a tweet that has gone viral, while America remembers the tragic terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001.

Seventeen years after that attack, Woods looked back to Clinton’s 2015 comments that “Islam is not our adversary” and he superimposed the image of her tweet over the Twin Tower buildings as they were consumed in smoke and ultimately collapsed. In 2001, Clinton was the junior U.S. Senator from New York.

Woods’ three-word tweet says it all, as it reminds us just how tragic that day was when Islamic terrorist hijacked planes and flew into iconic buildings while killing thousands. Countless brave heroes from the New York police department, fire department, and other first responders risked and lost their lives during an attack that al Qaeda took responsibility for.

On another plane, passengers bravely wrestled control of the plane from terrorists, which resulted in a crash in Pennsylvania. The intended target of that plane was Washington, D.C., where a fourth plane slammed into the Pentagon.

And yet, in 2015, Hillary Clinton – who was busy running for President – wanted to make sure we all knew she supports the “peaceful and tolerant people” of Islam. Couldn’t she have saved this tweet for another day, and instead honor the thousands of innocent victims we lost?

The reactions on Twitter came in quickly:


Let us never forget this tragic day. There is evil in this world and it must always be confronted.

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