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What this 63-Year-Old Marine Vietnam Veteran Did for Sgt. Tahmooressi Is Awesome!


Why is this guy – who is “almost 64 years old” – walking along Highway 29 in North Carolina with a Marine flag, backpack, and canteen? To do the job President Barack Obama won’t do:  Support Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who has been locked in a filthy Mexican prison for six months.

Terry Sharpe, a Marine veteran who served in Vietnam, is walking from his current home in Summerfield, N.C to Washington, D.C. to send Obama a message… It is time to free our Marine!

Sharpe said he is “walking to D.C. in protest of Sgt. Tahmooressi’s incarceration in Mexico due to a simple mistake.”

“I’m tired, I’m old,” Sharpe said jokingly. “I’m almost 64 years old.”

Sharpe’s route consists of walking up Vance Street then onto Harrison Street and Lawsonville Avenue, then onto Highway 14 and the Highway 29 North bypass to D.C.

Sharpe is prepared for the weather and for nights in the woods with a poncho, a tarp, and a hammock.

“The first two nights, since I’m not far from home, my wife will pick me up so I can go back home overnight and then take me back to where I stopped,” Sharpe said. “After that, it’s the bushes.”

Sharpe calls his quest the “Free Sergeant Tahmooressi March to Washington.”

“I feel obligated to it. We aren’t supposed to leave a man behind and we’re leaving him behind right now,” he said.

Sharpe said Tahmooressi suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“He needs care in a hospital in San Diego,” Sharpe said. “That’s where he should be and not sitting in some prison in Mexico over a simple mistake anybody should recognize.”

Via Rockingham Now

Sharpe is right! Tahmooressi took a wrong turn and accidentally crossed the Mexican border. And there is no excuse for President Obama refusing to pick up the phone and demanding that Mexican authorities release him.

And for his walk, Sharpe says, “He could use some company.”

His campaign has already been joined by patriots such as Oliver North who are demanding the White House act on this important cause. But sadly, as Tahmooressi recently told Fox News, he can be held indefinitely and Obama has been shamefully indifferent about his incarceration.

Please share this story if you stand proudly with Terry Sharpe and his 300-mile walk to Washington, D.C.! It is time to free our Marine.