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$41,000 Found in Used Sofa – Finders Keepers? Find Out What Happened…


If you’re a young person fresh out of college, you probably have experiences with used couches. But when a trio of roommates in New York looked inside the sofa they purchased at the Salvation Army, they found something unbelievable. One of the roommates said she “almost peed.”

In April, after watching a movie, the trio said they felt crinkles in two side pillows built into their couch, which they had bought from a nearby Salvation Army in New Paltz, N.Y. about two months earlier.

“It had these bubble wrap envelopes, just like two or three of them. We ripped them out and was just like freaking out, like and inch and a half of hundred dollar bills,” Werkhoven said.

And it wasn’t just a little bit of money. So they eagerly counted it, taking pictures along the way. In all the money totaled $41,000.

“You keep counting more and more money and you get excited, like Reese was thinking about buying a car for his mom and a boat,” Russo said.

However, for all of the excitement, they quickly realized one of the envelopes had a woman’s name on it:

“The entitlement very quickly went away with finding that notice with her name on it. Because we didn’t earn that money,” Guasti said.

With the help of Werkhoven’s mother, the group was able to find the woman the money belonged to. They called her and returned the cash.

“I’m like ‘I found something that I think is yours’ and she’s like ‘what?!’ and I’m like ‘I found a couch’ and then she’s like ‘oh my God I left a lot of money in that couch,’” said Werkhoven.

The friends said the elderly woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told them she had stashed the money in the couch for years and that family members who didn’t know had mistakenly donated the couch.

“This was her life savings and she actually said something really beautiful like ‘this is my husband looking down on me and this was supposed to happen,’” Guasti said.

“I think it’s just that anyone can do good if they will themselves to it,” Werkhoven said.

“I think it went the way it should and to be honest I don’t think about it that much,” Russo said.

The trio said they don’t regret doing the right thing. In fact, they hope to have dinner with the family they returned the money to.

Hilariously the trio almost didn’t pick the couch, as it was “ugly” and it reportedly “smelled.”

As a reward, the trio received $1000 and can sleep soundly knowing they did the right thing.


Would you have returned the money?