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Meme Perfectly Explains How Trump Will Pay for Wall to Keep Out Illegal Aliens!

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to build a wall that would protect the ENTIRE border between America and Mexico.

Pundits and the political class have doubted who would pay for the wall… But this meme explains Trump’s abilities PERFECTLY!


Exactly right! Donald Trump – who literally wrote the book on high profile business negotiations – knows how to put Mexico in their place for facilitating the flood of millions of illegal aliens who have broken America’s immigration laws

Trump is sounding the alarm on the immigration crisis that Obama has created, and he will make Mexico pay for the wall.

That’s why Democrats and the media are so busy trying to discredit Trump… they know he will succeed!

Clearly, America is tired of weak leadership in the White House. This might be the real version of “hope and change” America needs.

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