2020 Democrats Are Coming For Your Tax Cuts

Joe Biden, who holds a whopping 32-point edge over his nearest competitor in a recent poll, is vowing to raise taxes on hardworking Americans by repealing President Trump’s middle-class tax cuts.

During a speech in South Carolina this past weekend, Biden promised an all-out financial assault on the middle class by saying the first thing to go once he takes office will be those tax cuts.

“First thing I’d do is repeal those Trump tax cuts,” said Biden adding, “Oh, not a joke.”

Biden is presumably explaining to the crowd how he intends to pay for numerous costly platforms and promises should he become President.

Promising to raise taxes while Americans currently reap the benefits of a roaring economy seems unwise at best.

“Joe Biden is not Methuselah,” Grover Norquist, president of American for Tax Reform joked. “He is Walter Mondale part deux.”

Mondale famously vowed to raise taxes if elected in 1984 and wound up losing to Ronald Reagan in the electoral college 525-13 that year.

Bad Idea

According to the Tax Policy Center, a repeal of President Trump’s tax cuts would affect the 82% of middle-income Americans who saw a break in 2018, including an average savings of $1,260 per individual.

The average family of 4 with a household income of $73,000 saw a reduction of over $2,000 from a law Bloomberg describes as “popular” amongst the middle class.

“Getting rid of the entire law would also mean repealing the doubling of the standard deduction and higher child tax credit, which benefit middle-class Americans,” they write, adding that such provisions “poll well.”

Nearly Every Democrat Agrees With Biden

While these tax cuts for the middle class aren’t an impeachable offense as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said, it’s important to note that nearly every major Democrat running for president in 2020 wants to follow Biden’s lead.

  • Kamala Harris – “Get rid of the whole thing.”
  • Bernie Sanders – “We have got to repeal all of President Trump’s tax breaks.”
  • Elizabeth Warren – “I really want to see them rolled back.”
  • Beto O’Rourke – “We could begin by rolling back the worst excesses of the Trump tax cuts.”
  • Kirsten Gillibrand – Would reverse Trump’s “massive ‘corporate’ tax cut.”
  • Julian Castro – “I absolutely would look at undoing the tax cuts…”
  • Jay Inslee – “We know we need to roll back the Trump tax cuts.”
  • Eric Swalwell – “I would take … the trillion dollar tax cut…”

It isn’t, as the Democrats would have you believe, just the wealthiest Americans – the job creators – benefitting from tax cuts. It’s people like Jessica and Tony Hodge who a year ago explained what the law means to them and their family.

That’s who the resistance party is targeting. They’re coming for your tax cuts in 2020. They need them to fund the handouts they’ll be promising to illegal immigrants, college students, or those ‘unwilling’ to work.

Are you going to let them?

Rusty Weiss has been covering politics for over 15 years. His writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, Fox... More about Rusty Weiss

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