Evie Fordham on February 26, 2019

Possible 2020 Democratic presidential contender Eric Holder said he supports a plan to create “real democracy” by doing away with the Electoral College’s process on Twitter Tuesday.

“A good reform measure to support,” Holder wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “Change the Electoral College by having a state’s electoral votes go to the national popular vote winner — not the person who won the state. The candidate who gets the most votes — nationally — is elected. Real democracy.”

His tweet included a link to a story from The Hill about Democratic Gov. Jared Polis’s intention to sign a “bill aimed at bypassing Electoral College.” Holder has said he’ll decide in March whether to seek the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, reported NBC News.

Holder is not the first voice on the left to call for an end to the Electoral College after President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote.

Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen introduced a measure in January that would add a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College. A 2017 Politico story called the Electoral College a “national security threat” and said “[t]he Founding Fathers never anticipated the rise of Facebook and fake news.”

If Polis’s plan goes through, Colorado will become the twelfth state to become part of the national popular vote interstate compact, according to The Hill.

“I’ve long supported electing the president by who gets the most votes,” Polis told The Hill. “It’s a way to move towards direct election of the president.”

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